How to cut a promo featuring professor Paul Heyman

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Apr 7, 2014.

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  1. How damn good was that promo? Heyman remains one of the best talkers in the business and that promo showed it. Brock's facial expressions only added to the epicness. Well done.
  2. Agreed that was def promo of the year IMO
  3. May have been the best Heyman promo ever, and that is NOT a small feat. THAT WAS FREAKIN' EPIC!
  4. I honestly had chills and i had the biggest smile the entire time. Guess Lesnar breaking the streak wasn't so bad after all was it!
  5. Man, that was the best promo of the year, and the Heyman promo I've seen myself. It was so great and it just turned the entire thing around. I can't even describe it
  6. Promo of the year. Absolutely fucking incredible.
  7. Heyman bossed last night. Teaming with Cesaro? Fuck yes
  8. He left the ring after that promo with a pretty massive heel reaction, then he comes back out to massive face reaction just over an hour later. Absolutely incredible.
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  9. Of all the promos that Heyman has ever given throughout his career, this is definitely one of the best, perhaps even the best. Seeing what Heyman had to say about Lesnar ending the streak was one of the things I was looking forward to on Raw the most, and he definitely delivered.
  10. I don't usually go nuts over Heyman, but that promo was incredible- it really made me appreciate him.
  11. Every wrestler in the back needs to sit down, take notes as thats how you cut a promo
  12. WWE's Youtube page put up the full video. Nice of them to do.

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    Should be required to watch this before competing in IWT

    EDIT: Also, hot chick at 2:15 into the video. Saw that on RAW too
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  14. Heyman cutting a promo in front of that crowd is like a pastor in church. They are just gonna eat up whatever he throws down, and he knows just how to work them like the ("smart") marks they are.
  15. This really was an incredible promo.

  16. Heyman on fire this week.
  17. Paul Heyman has always been the man on the mic. Whether he is a cowardly guy or a confident manager, he plays any role handed to him well, the gift of the gab. That promo was one of his bests, one I will revisit and rewatch again and again from time to time.
  18. He is unstoppable lol.
  19. I'm confused as to how he and Cesaro will work out. Fans desperately want to cheer on Cesaro, so pairing him with Heyman and trying to get him heat seems like swimming against the current.
  20. Maybe we'll get a in house dispute between Cesaro and Lesnar??? I'd be into that.
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