How to earn forum cash.

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  1. As I keep coming up with more ideas to win forum cash, I thought I would make a thread explaining them so all of you know how to become rich. I thought I would keep this thread locked as it will attract questions to off-topic posts, and I want it as neat as possible so it's easy to understand. If you have any cash related questions, don't hesitate to PM a member of Staff or any Administrators. Or you can alternatively make a thread in the feedback section.

    Purchasing Cash

    I thought I would start off with the easiest way to get a lot of cash. You can purchase forum cash by clicking here and going through the designated steps. Multiple users have already done this and have shot up the richest users list.


    The most simple way to earn cash is posting. You can see on this page how much cash you receive per post/thread.


    Betting is a method which can result in big money. You can create custom bets and -- if accepted -- can exploit your wrestling knowledge and earn a lot of cash. This is the betting page where all available bets are listed, but you can post a custom bet which needs to be accepted by an Administrator. You will need to bet a lot to win a lot, so gamble with care. Remember, if you lose, you do not get your cash back.

    Betting threads are made by Big Hoss Rambler near the PPV date, and we normally display a header announcement so you are aware of it. Previously you could only bet real life money, but now you can bet forum cash, which many people were unaware of. Don't miss up on this easy opportunity.


    If you're Irish, this one will be easy. All you need to do is purchase lottery tickets here and if you win, you get a lot. As always though, winning the lottery is quite hard. I advise posting actively and investing parts of that into the lottery each week. Not enough for it to be too damaging, but enough to give yourself a chance. Eventually you'll win, right?

    Top Discussion Thread Poster

    This one is all down to you, and no luck is involved. If you are the top poster in any official discussion thread, you will win cash prizes. It is a $10 (equivalent of 1000 posts) reward, but sometimes that might be increased by an Administrator at any time. I can guarantee you PPV discussion threads result in more cash per winner, so be alert for those opportunities.

    Top Poster Of The Day

    This reward requires you to bring it to our attention in the feedback section, as we will require a screenshot of our statistics page as proof that you were the top poster this day. You simply post a thread with your screenshot attached, and an Administrator will grant you your $5 reward. If you are the top poster every day for a week, you have earned an easy $35!

    Note: This does not count for discussion thread days.
  3. I am sure they are in the middle of fixing it Gohan. :facepalm:
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  4. Shut the hell up. Crayo has already told you today ON THE FORUM that he will get to it. He's busy.
  5. Cash might have to just be reset.
  6. If you have to reset it, just have a lotto for everyone to enter that will give who ever wins a good chunk of money. Like just make it free (for this one only) so anyone on the forum can win but make it that you have to do something to enter so only active members will be in the drawing.
    I honestly don't care if the cash it reset, its no biggie.
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  8. Time for a tea party.
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  9. Hard earned? Man you posted Code Geass episodes. No one even wanted them.
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  10. Seems simple enough. A lot like the system they have on MP.
  11. I will need to update this thread. The links don't work because of the migration.
  12. Alright do it then.
  13. It's like MP but with even more ways to get money.
  15. And seriously? They're in the middle of a shitload of problems that they're trying to fix and you're worried about your "hard-earned" cash? Fuck you, dude. Seriously. All you care about is yourself. You're such a little asshole.
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  16. Jenn, why do you go so butthurt over Gohan's comments/threads? Yeah he's annoying and retarded, but it's better to ignore him than to try and argue or reason with him. Just saying.
    And tbf, it's not like he called YOU out personally or anything.
    Crayo seems to deal with Gohan's nonsense pretty well, no need for you to stress over Gohan's bullshit. Everyone needs to chill out, mang.
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  17. Lmfao, I'm not as pissed off and serious as I appear to be in those arugments, tbh, I'm only half serious with him. Spent the other half of the night laughing on Skype with the other members about that userbar argument we had. It's not like I toss and turn in bed thinking about what some member said on a forum. I pretty much forget whatever Gohan says a few minutes after replying to him unless he replies again. And Crayo hasn't said anything about me saying shit to Gohan and I've been in a Skype call with him pretty much every day for these past few days including today, so I'm good. Lmfao.
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  18. EVERYONE FEAR GOHAN!? I nto that scraying anymore!?
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  19. ^ He's our village fool. Harmless though.
  20. I'm also secretly in love with him. :ksi:
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