How to get Legend membership.

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. It's here, I wanted to have a nice fancy upgrade page but it sort of contradicts what the legend usergroup is about so the upgrade link is completely private. With this group there is requirements to get into it along with the price.

    Only two users can authorise you, and that's myself or Xanth. Only us will know the requirements and they won't be released. You can apply once a week, you must PM myself or Xanth and we will PM you back with a simple yes or no answer, no reasoning has to be given, but sometimes we might drop some hints in.

    If you're not approved, try again in a couple of weeks time, if you are you will be given the upgrade link. If you release the link public, we will put you back to your previous usergroup and change the link. It has to remain private.


    What do you get when upgrading to Legend?

    -Custom red glowing status' which only other Legends and Staff+ can see.
    -View who liked a post.
    -Open/close their own threads
    -5 images in your signature instead of 1 (3 if superstar)
    -Bigger/better stars.
    -Can view bans.php page
    -Can view users warning level.
    -Gold username
    -Gold legends userbar
    -+/- 5 Reputation instead of 3
    -Can give 10 reps per day instead of 5
    -Your own custom award ([​IMG])
    -Access to the legends forum section.
    -Store up to 2500 PM's.
    -Can send private messages even if recipients have them disabled
    -Eternal satisfaction for helping the forum :emoji_slight_smile:!":!)!):emoji_slight_smile::!

    We will constantly be adding small or big features to both Legend and Superstars. It's important to note, those users who will be in the legend usergroup don't have Staff authority, it's just the highest upgrade group.

    Thank you.
  2. Cool. You should put this in Help Docs also.
  3. Edit: Just applied.
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  4. Updated this thread with a features list.
  5. Don't forget to add in the free "awesomeness" giveaways in the section.
  6. If I listed that as a feature that mean it'd be compulsory for us to post giveaways like there are in there. At the moment it's just out of kindness by yourself. It's not official though. But yeah - there is some pretty awesome giveaways there.
  7. So it's free?
  8. Legend isn't but Zamo has posted some really cool giveaways in the section.
  9. Aahhh come on now nig- come on now man...
    How can this Dutchy be high on rank for free?
    I can't pay you guys and you know it, can you maybe discuss something else for me that I can do to upgrade a little?
  10. I'll try to come up with some solution to your problem. I'd need to know a little more detail. I doubt I would run any "legend" contests, since you need to be approved to become a legend.
  11. I became one in SVR..

    JK, uhm.. What kind of details do you want from me Crayo?
  12. PM'ing you.
  13. This will be the highest group right?
  14. Nope Admin is :troll:
  15. Lol the highest upgrade group yes.
  16. Lol, didn't clarify it. Meant the highest upgrade group.

    Ok thanks. Just making sure.
  17. You can also delete your own posts o.o .. just deleted one of my posts thinking i wouldnt have permission so i had to post it again :lol1: can everyone do this or is it just for legends? if just for legends add to feature list? :lol1:
  18. Will get my own credit card soon, this'll be my first purchase. :emoji_wink:)

    (Lost my link tho. ://)

  19. no worries crayo will send it to you again :win:
  20. [​IMG]

    You shouldn't be able to delete your own posts :O
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