How to make Smackdown Great again

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by The Phenom, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. So, I was thinking Smackdown is great don't get me wrong but It has a lot of catching up to do if they want to contend with Raw week in and week out. So the question is How to make Smackdown great again? My 1st answer was "Shit! lets get Bob Backlund over there asap!" LOL But then I thought about it Darren young is still thrash so Bob might not be any help in that department......

    But no really Smackdown is in need of some serious talent MORE BIG NAMES!
    (A few more NXT Stars would give the roster some depth) #JOE, #Asuka, #Nakumara #Aries, #Roode #Young)

    Honestly The miz needs to drop the IC Belt it's not doing much on his shoulder for me (How about Crews or Corbin)

    More female wrestlers Smackdown has a whopping 7 women on the roster (They need more women if the cruiserweight division is only exclusive to Raw)

    Keep pushing the Tag team division (They are doing great with the Tag teams)

    That's really it to me more big name's = more storyline's= more high profile matches =Smackdown being great again

    I personally feel that it will never be better then RAW due to RAW being the Flagship but if you don't believe me ask Hulk

    [​IMG] I'm still laughing!!!! is this funny only to me or what?
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  2. Bob Backlund cannot make Darren Young great again, because Darren Young was never great to begin with. :pity1:

    Call up Samoa Joe.

    Call up Bobby Roode. Make SmackDown GLORIOUS!

    Call up Aries and Asuka eventually, too.

    Keep the title on The Miz. The IC title World tour has been enjoyable.

    Never and I mean EEEEVER change the show to being 3 hours long. 2 hours is enough.
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  3. LMAO! He wasn't ever great #SO TRUE
  4. Wish they put the whole Women's division on one show and the tag on the other. Five title contenders (the Horsewomen + a chick of your choice, haha. Maybe Nikki too?) doesn't really work across two brands.

    Otherwise, I think big names are all that Smackdown's missing. It feels like when I was watching Impact earlier this year... really it feels like a better version (better crowds, easier to sit through, etc) of everything I've seen from the Corgan era of Impact. Lots of stuff that matters but nothing that gets you talking, it's easy to sit through and they can make acts that won't get past a certain level really watchable, but there's just a couple of big matches they can set up down the line (Styles/Orton, Becky/Nikki, Alphas/Usos) but so little depth behind that that once they blow those matches off they're going to be hard pressed to create interesting feuds. As Prince said this core group of people joining a steady stream of NXT callups sounds great though! A dominant Styles as champ starts gloating before that violin starts playing, sign me the hell up.
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  5. I think Smackdown's pretty great already. Everything has a purpose, people are getting elevated etc etc. They need to bulk out the roster, but that will happen with time I think. The current formula produces good TV week after week so I ain't complaining about what we are getting.

    The Miz should not drop the IC belt for a long long long time. He's great with it and it actually means something on his shoulders.
  6. As to not derail the Cesaro thread to discuss Crews:
    Yeah, Apollo may be a flop in many ways (called up too soon, neither creative team could come up with anything for the guy or one step of character development) but I can totally see this jacked up 250 pound dude doing running leapfrogs and standing Shooting Stars and really impressing the heck out of a new fan who's skeptical of this whole "wrasslin'" thing. There's been a couple of Uhaa's matches I saw where even I wondered why he's wasting time doing this when he can win all the gold medals.

    Still there's plenty of guys who can do that with this roster + the Cruiserweight Classic as a whole, as you know as well as anyone.
  7. I couldn't disagree with you more I don't think splitting the tag team and women's division up would be a great idea it would deprive the fans of a versatile show, I feel that would hurt each brand but however, I do agree with the lack of depth on the roster and that making it very difficult to continue making high profile feuds after orton/styles becky/Nikki whats left......Forced fueds?
  8. No complaints it's a good show I just know it has potential to be better just needs a little tweaking
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