How up front are you as a wrestling fan

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. right lads, lets see who is a proper fan

    recently people have been telling me not to be so loud and proud as a wrestling fan, they tell me it put off women. what a load of bollocks

    i am up front as a loud and proud fan, i tell everyone I meet I am a fan. whats the bloody point of not being out in the open as wrestling fans we all lost credibility a long tme ago, we are on the social outskirts anyway, so who gives a shiny shit.

    so how open are you?
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  2. everyone who knows me knows i'm a wrestling fan. including every ex-girlfriend. and they all know that i know it's staged. i don't care what people think. the only thing i ever have to defend is the fact that i watch JCW because ICP are so lame.
  3. Most of my closest friends are into wrestling and the rest of my friends know that I'm into it. It's not like it's a big deal really.
  4. Anyone that knows me knows I'm a wrestling fan
  5. In all honesty, I've told every gf that I've had I'm a wrestling fan and that, on Monday nights, my time is taken away for Raw. I will miss SD on occasion.

    I am bold and proud to be a wrestling fan. Plus, I wear a lot of WWE gear. CM Punk shirt, hat, wrist bands, all sorts of kind of hard to hide. I tell people it's like the only show I watch on TV, too.
  6. you should not even do that.

    i like limp bizkit and am open about it, some say i should keep that to myself, but I don't.
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  7. I don't have any friends cept on here anyway. The wife knows I like it and she gives m Mondays to try to catch RAW now, although sometimes I opt to miss it. Pussy>wrestling, sorry lads. But yeah, if it comes up in conversation I will talk about it with no shame. I'm not just like "hi, nice to meet you, I LOVE WATCHING WWE" or anything. Seems kind of forceful if you ask me lol.
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  8. OLD Limp Bizkit yeah. I am fan of Borland's work so...........
  9. I like to put it out there early when i meet someone, just to get it out the way with
  10. Not many people know I am a wrestling fan except my girl and a few friends. I don't really talk about it unless someone is interested in it as well. Its like politics; not everyone likes politics so you don't talk about politics in front of people who do not like it.
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  11. I'm your friend, right????
  12. :sohardcore:
  13. i dont give a shit

    i talk about it to people who dont like it, i just dont care
  14. Sure why not
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  15. I talk about it when needed. If people ask what I watch, etc., I tell them...I then proceed to kick them in the gut, raise them on my shoulders, and GTS them to hell...JR comes out of no where and says, "HE GOT ALL OF THAT ONE!!!! GTS'ed HIM STARIGHT TO HELL AND BACK!!!"
  16. Wait EDGE forever? No way man
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    JK lol
  17. Put it this way: Professional wrestling has storylines, gimmicks, works, etc. You try and talk about all of this to a person who doesn't view the shows makes them have a confused look on their face. I for one am a people person. I like to talk about what the other person are interested in, whether it be argumentative or not. Everyone knows I am a big soccer fan, but if someone is talking about baseball and I say Eden Hazard, they wouldn't know who the hell I was talking about.
  18. WHAT?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?
  19. This. Minus the GTS part.
    A girl in my class dropped the classic 'You know it's fake right?' I shut that conversation down quickly.
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  20. That seems to be the conversation I always had found myself in when I tried to talk to someone about professional wrestling when that person didn't watch but only 2 episodes when they were 8.
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