How was Compact for you last night live discussioners?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. Personally, I loved it, and judging by the near 3,000 posts, most of y'all did too. How did it hold up and stuff? I was meant to make a bug/issues thread for it but didn't, so I guess this can act as that. It's still in BETA mode and will be improved thanks to the sexy Coon (not racist, stfu Dat Kid), but I thought it was pretty badass last night.
  2. It was a tad laggy at times so I had to refresh a bit, but other then that it was great. The WrestleMania LD should be a good one.
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    Planning on fixing some general issues today. Going to re-haul the HTML structure since it's been pretty much the same since I started it, which should make it flow better on smaller resolutions and resolve the horizontal username problem that I heard people were having last night.

    I'm also going to hide the page behind Compact while you're using it. This should help with performance because the browser will spend less time worrying about rendering the incoming posts.

    While I'm restructuring the HTML, I'll be testing it in Firefox too.

    Edit: I'll also be looking into why quoting leaves the page and might even implement quoting into Compact if I have time.
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  4. It worked pretty well, I believe mine was a little slow in getting everybody's messages as in I couldn't see maybe 4-5 more recent posts because it was blocked by the bar where you type your message out.
    Other than that I mean I liked being able to see what more people were saying at one time that way if someone addressed me or I had addressed someone it was easier to spot.
  5. You're racist.
  6. I didn't use it. I tried a it a few times but it lagged pretty bad and I couldn't see like the newest 3-5 posts. For some reason it cut them off the screen till more people kept posting. I never officially did a LD thread so I had no idea how much lag there can be at times. My laptop actually froze on me at one point. lolol
  7. The cutoff problems were probably firefox issues. When I'm rewriting the HTML I'll be testing it on some other browsers too, so it should clear up any issues.

    As for the lag, I've never been in an LD either so can't really tell, but I'm going to be stress testing the current LD with Compact over the top by forcing hundreds of fake messages into the browser and seeing how it handles it. Once I see the lag I'll cut some stuff down and try and solve it.

    Lag is hard to pinpoint though, because different browsers on different machines will handle stuff differently.

    There was also a problem I saw that would freeze the page if you tried to submit too many messages at once in Compact. I had a timeout in place that stopped disabled the ability to spam messages, but it broke earlier so I disabled it.
  8. I liked it quite a bit. Only bad thing was not being able to quote posts but that wasn't a big deal. Eliminating the page behind it is going to help a bunch with lag issues.
  9. I was only in here for the beginning, but it was pretty nifty if I'm being honest.
  10. I didn't experience the full potential since I was using Opera like a retard.
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  11. It wasn't working well on my phone so I just used the regular chat. I didn't really think it would go over well on the mobile tbh, so not really complaining.
  12. No idea if it was due to this new compact version, but I was streaming the feed and on the LD thread on the same desktop. Twice I had my whole browser lock up and had to close it all out to reopen it. So that was not cool. Did not venture back to the LD thread after the 2nd time.
  13. Ohh ok. Yeah I use firefox so. And the lag partially has to probably do with how crappy my internet is. Was also streaming the ppv on xbox which sucked up more internet.
  14. I had to shut down my laptop manually. It froze up something bad.
  15. LD + streaming a PPV is going to slow down anyone's connection unless you are as badass as Jonathan with his infinite internet speed capabilities
  16. It was a good layout, but, it slowed down my connection while streaming.
  17. Jono changed his internet and its as bad as mine now lmao.

    Worked really well. Minor issues like some lag and stuff but im sure it can be fixed. I will use it for sure.
  18. Nothing that bad, but still missed a little bit of the PPV twice. I was like NOOOOOOO
    Well I didn't do any speed checks but I fucking pay for up to 15mbps streams through Time Warner, those fucks. I also use Chrome. Maybe its a combination of those things.
  19. Damn, that was like, the one thing he had to hang his hat on.
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  20. We gotta try it in the Zack Morris thread.
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