How were the early years of Monday Night RAW from 93 to 97 before The Attitude Era ?


The Artiste
I was only a baby (and later a toddler) during that time and I didn't start watching the WWF (as it was known back then) until the late 90's when it was RAW IS WAR and Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon and The Rock and Triple H were popular. I became more aware of the earlier years of RAW when I got older and started learning more about its history but I didn't get to see the first 5 years of RAW when it was happening at the time due to me being so young at that time. So for those people who did see it, how was it ?

Jacob Fox

Foxiest Fox In Fox Land
It was fun when it first came out because it was different. But it quickly became a lot like the other shows. They'd have a decent main event and jobber matches. And for the longest time, it was just an hour.

It began good and slowed down until the Monday night war forced WWF to pick up there game. But even at the beginning of the war, it wasn't that great. I enjoyed WCW Saturday Night much more and early Nitro.

There's some fun nostalgia and good matches in the early days, but it was obviously just another commercial for the PPV.