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  1. This Monday we saw Ace turn full blown heel and assault Cena in the ring alongside Tensai and Sakamoto. And Cole showed why he is the best commentator in wrestling today by playing the part of shocked really well. This brings to question. Will we actually see some development from Cole as well during this feud. The character has always been in Ace's corner since he showed up on TV but this Monday Cole looked on in shock with the rest of us and spoke of the evil Ace was doing. Will we finally see the voice of the WWE evolve?
  2. I'm glad somebody else here is a Cole fan besides Crayo and I! I think he may respond in the same manor he does with Brock Lesnar, occasionally defending him but not kissing up. When heels are doing very serious and important storylines he normally takes himself down a notch and doesn't overdo his love for them.
  3. I'm not into Cole, but he has been doing a good job recently.
  4. I'm a fan of Micheal Cole, myself. It's a shame seeing that he carry's RAW's commentary on his back while Jerry 'The King' Lawler talk's his non-sense and bores the hell out of me and others. Micheal Cole is a great commentator and he certainly does make things interesting and entertaining.
  5. Cole is OK when he's the whipping boy, he can't lead a team.

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  6. I definitely agree. We'll see him defend Ace in some circumstances but then question his actions against Cena. He's never defended proper brutality beatings. He said that Lesnar should be fired didn't he on RAW? He said "John what are you doing??" this week. He'll report on it neutrally I think.

    Cole could lead the team as a face in my opinion. No commentator can lead as a heel, but I think Cole is doing a great job personally. If it means less of King I'm all for it.
  7. I believe the best thing for Cole would be a face turn. Pare him up with someone like Regal who would be a wonderful heel commentator on one of the big shows.
  8. Not sure he should turn face, I would have him either a heel colour commentator or a neutral lead commentator like at ER.

    I love his heel work so much but as ER showed he has to carry the other two basically, I like Booker but he needs to be tamed, Lawler is just a fat peado basically.

    Oh, and get Cole back on NXT!

    Edit - Would love Regal to be called up, English commentators are awesome.
  9. I agree, heel colour commentator for Cole. Have Stanford come in and be the lead play-by-play commentator. I'm a big fan of Booker too, so I'd keep him. I love the interactions between Cole and Booker, it's so much more entertaining than any of SmackDown.

    Stanford + Cole interacting would be so good too.
  10. Cole could show his "true" colors. Either turn face because he's disgusted by Ace or turn full on heel and join ace. But if he joins ace that would mean he'd turn on Cena, and that will never happen. As a person above me pointed out Cole stays away from high profile matches. Taker/HHH, Rock/Cena and even Y2J/Punk. He tends not to take sides.

    But a lot of people don't realize that Cole does carry RAW commentary on his back while Jerry Lawler just sits there and gets in a word every now and then to not make it seem Cole is talking to himself.
  11. This, a thousand times this.
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