How will Dolph Ziggler's return pan out?

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Dolph is 37. It is safe to assume he doesn't have much left in him for wrestling. The evidence is not down to his body or his skill, but his own personal desires. I think he intends to retire when he hits 40. Is there still hope for him to have a great run? It would seem that he is trying to "reinvent" himself one last time but I am not sure how this will go. I have always been a fan of his in-ring skills. Everything else has just been dry, stale, or repetitive. Will he come back under an entirely new gimmick? Will he finally be able to hold a crowd's interest while on the mic when he returns? Thoughts?​

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I dunno, I can't think of any way fans can give him reactions. They've already tried the heel run for Ziggler. Face won't work at this point... The heel run needs to be effective enough to switch into "face" run. Kinda like how Jericho went heel, and then went face, then heel, then back to face.

World Heavyweight Championship? Check.
U.S. Championship? Check. And he never lost it.
Intercontinental Championship? Check.


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his return will probably turn from mildly interesting to the same old shit we've seen before in a matter of weeks. The one thing I could see him do and get over with is being in a Tag Team because then he'd have someone to hang onto when he's too inconsistent at being relevant. Adding to that, he usually shines in multi man matches, so having him in Tag matches probably isn't going to hurt his in-ring style as much as singles matches do.

I don't know tho, they'd really have to pull out a miracle here to make me care for Dolph again, which is a shame to say as I was one of his bigger supporters back in 2011-13
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Turn him into an Edge-style tweener. He needs to be no nonsense, taking on anyone to prove that he is the best. He doesn't care about the fans. He doesn't care about the locker room. He doesn't care about management. He only cares about himself and winning. That would be the best course of action to take him.

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It will probably be a failure because those in charge have never really
been interested in seriously pushing Dolph...which is a shame because
from what I've seen of him...he has all the necessary in-ring skills & charisma
to have been a main event star...more so than some other WWE performers
I won't mention here.


Dolph is amazing and if WWE can give him something epic to do, he will make the best of it-his days with Vikki Guerrero were some of the best as a heel and as a baby face he had some amazing momentum following Survivor Series and Sting, and although his matches have not all been classics they have all been above average to great matches. Id really like to see him on top, with the belt, and heel, and not giving a Flying Fu*k about what anyone else thinks!
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I almost feel shame for liking Ziggler, it was pretty brutal during his pink diaper rump shaking queer days, and that Vince McMahon created cuck angle with Lana and Summer Rae was life shortening. I agree that his best bet is not giving a fuck and saying what he's always wanted to say, it's on him to do it, he's got nothing to lose. Not in the worked shoot promo bullshit but being a character, not selling for everyone, go into the business for yourself brother.

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It seems most fans want Dolph to leave WWE. This is because Dolph has never lived up to hes full potential. Fans have given up on Ziggler and would prefer if he would just go. However when Ziggler relinquished the US title it made me think that he's character is actually really fckn good.

Dolph was set for out for greatness. Everybody from fans to legends said "this kid is good.", but Ziggler has never fulfilled hes full potential. Sure he has had some great moments over the years (MITB cash in, Survivor Series 2014 and beating Cena in 2012). Now Ziggler is 37 years old veteran putting over up and coming NXT talent. You may think that this is a waste of such a great performer. But I think that Ziggler is a fully 3 dimensional character that still has worth in WWE. Ziggler is upset and frustrated as he has finally found out he really isnt "That Damn Good!". He has let every single one of hes fans down. Ziggler is no longer the show stealer, instead he is a bitter veteran who blames everyone else. Ziggler is in denial and has blamed the fans for giving up on him. Thats why he relinquished the US title.

I have no idea what Ziggler will do next. I hope they don't mess it up tho. WWE always messes Ziggler up. I would be very surprised if he has a singles match on the Mania card.
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It’ll end up being the same rehashed Shit we’ve seen a 100 times before. But, they do have a golden opportunity for him to truly captivate his heel character and make his stand out. The key is that he needs to be somewhat dominant. He needs to win the big ones for a while, and do it in a completely aasholish, lackadaisical way, while maintaining good booking and solid feuds.

It worked with punk because he was believable and meant what he said. Let dolph be more of himself and speak his mind. It’ll be gold if he gets good booking and feuds.


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The problem they have with Ziggler is that the railroad him into a feud which we have to endure 10 PPV matches of with it going nowhere. His feud with miz last year where his career on the line, that was probably the highlight of the last few years of his career.

The problem is you can have him return, let him shoot (worked obviously) but it's not going to go anywhere and in 6 months time he will be back to the same point. Is Dolph really going to be pushed into the WWE title picture when you've got AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Nakamura, KO for starters? No chance. Can he do anything on Raw? Nope. The Rosters are becoming stacked in terms of talent that Ziggler's place on any roster is becoming surplus to requirements. Maybe it's time to cut the loss, he's had a decent run of it, picked up belts, had some good feuds, let him head out into the Indies where he'll make a decent living for himself and probably get over more

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