How will/How should Wrestlemania30 be booked?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by wrestlingphenom, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Heres my suggestion, everybody can feel free to agree or disagree with any them. But sure that some of them really sound the most decent. They are in no particular order.

    Undertaker vs John Cena in a babyface vs babyface,
    Undertaker wins regardless.

    CM Punk vs Kevin Nash, CM Punk vs Stone cold steve Austin seems unlikely considering the fact that Stone cold steve Austin isn't willing to come back for ''one more match''. This feud shoulda happened but it would still wouldn't be bad for wrestlemania30. CM punk defeats Kevin Nash

    Brock Lesnar vs The Rock, since it probably the Rock's last match in WWE, afterwards a career in Hollywood awaits him. Rock defeats Brock Lesnar.

    Daniel Bryan vs Kane, Team hell no returns, win their second tag titles, they hold it 3-5 month's. They can conitinue playing Daniel Bryan's weak link obsession and maybe eventually even turn Daniel Bryan heel, have challenge Kane to a match at wrestlemania30. Daniel Bryan defeats Kane.

    Dean Ambrose vs Triple H, this feud should definitely happen since it would definitely help Ambrose get over with fans, eventually sooner or later draw him closer to a shot at the world or wwe title. This feud should be edgy,
    Dean Ambrose wins.

    Drew Mcyintire(back to chosen one gimmick/no 3mb) defeats Chris Jericho

    WWE IC title: Curtis Axel(c) w/ paul heyman vs Sheamus, Curtis Axel goes on to be the longest reigning or one of the longest reigning holder of IC title in WWE history. Curtis Axel retains the IC title.

    WWE US title: Kofi Kingston(c) vs Big Show, Big Show beats Kofi Kingston to win the U.S. champion.

    WWE wh championship: Dolph Ziggler(c) vs Jack Swagger, ziggler wins and retains the title.

    WWE title: Wade Barrett(c) vs Christian, Christian wins the WWE title, eventually wade barrett wins it back 3-4 months later. WWE should put the WWE belt around Christian give him chance, but make it a decent one so that it can help Wade Barrett get over when he wins it back from him(Christian). I see no problem with rising talent jobbing to veterans as long as creative does not over do the idea.

    TLC ladder tag team turmoil match or whatever you wanna call this
    Sheild Roman Reigns n Seth Rollins(tag team champions, since they won back the tag titles from team hell no) defeats uso's, Wyatt's, Rey Mysterio n Sin Cara, Rhodes scholar's, Prime time players to retain the tag titles.
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  2. Great first post, that to me sounds like a pretty decent Wrestlemania, Although I would like to see Punk used a little better rather than with Big Sexy. And You've got Kofi as US champion how do you see Ambrose dropping it and to who? I like the last match for the tag-titles. This would be a great way to utilize all the tag-teams at once.
  3. How about CM Punk vs Bryan watt.
  4. Do you mean Bray Wyatt? If so Punk working babyface against Wyatt would be pretty good.
  5. Yeah, since they both seem to cut good promo's, incase you didn't know Bryan watt is actually Husky Harris. So CM punk can put over Bryan watt at wrestlemania.
  6. CM Punk vs Daniel Bryann in a title unification match is my dream WM match atm.

    As far as Taker goes, I don't like him facing any of these new guys and winning. It's not the same as when he was beating Triple H, HBK, etc etc. I know he is going to get one more, but I just wish it was over with.

    Brock vs Rock would be boring imo

    Ziggler vs Rollins would be sweet.
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  7. Totally with you.
    Imagine the main event of WMXXX being WWE Champion Daniel Bryan VS World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk in a 60 min Ironman match to unify the 2 titles. :yay:
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  8. :please:
  9. I'll be responding to pretty much every idea suggested here and give my thoughts to them out of sheer boredom.

    Definitely agree here. Been waiting for this particular Mania bout for ages and I'm definitely expecting it to happen. Better be Taker's last match though, the novelty has worn off.

    God awful.

    Not interested in this one but it's probably going to happen. Personally, I thought their SummerSlam bout was great, I don't need another Rock/Brock match. I'd much rather have them face someone they didn't already face since I'm not sure how many more matches they'll be having.

    WrestleMania is nine months away, [if I cared about WWE anymore] I'd be pretty pissed that Daniel Bryan was essential in the same position he was all those months ago (wouldn't this actually be considered a step backwards?). I understand where you're coming from here but I'm not a fan of keeping Bryan stuck with Team Hell No much longer honestly, I just want to see him move up the ladder.

    Sounds good.

    Meh. Do like the prominence your idea is giving the Intercontinental title though.

    Both of these sound terrible to me. On the first one, Big Show. I hate Big Show. On the second one, Jack Swagger. Swagger just shouldn't be in the World title picture, he's way too dull and also, the title scene should change a bit by now. Personally, I'd have Dolph vs. Christian (okay, I'd actually have Dolph versus Rock with Dolph winning but I know there is no chance of that ever happening and I get why, so I went with something I do see having a chance of happening) and even then I'd rather have Dolph vs. Christian happening earlier. Still consider it a big improvement over Swagger getting a shot.

    Speak of the devil, here's where you put Christian. Either way, meh.

    Sounds awful. It's too much of a clusterfuck. Chances are it won't be getting that much time, just like the last few MITB matches at WrestleMania (which were terrible) and the most they dealt with was ten, adding two more will make a noticeable difference as they struggle to get everyone involved a moment. Cut down the number of teams down considerably and I'd love this (I'd definitely cut out Rey & Cara, if Mysterio is going to wrestle again it should be one last match against Cara).

    Much better.

    I really don't want the World titles to be unified but besides that I like the idea. Ziggler/Rollins would be sweet, never even thought of that match-up, probably my favorite of all matches suggested here outside of Cena/Taker.
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  10. That's a wet dream I have every night :please:
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    Just give me Undertaker and John Cena in a match that's promoted as Taker's send off and I'm happy.

    Since I almost couldn't care less about most of the rest of the card as long as this main event occurs, let me just state the obvious on why it should happen:

    -Undertaker is getting up there in age. I know he can still go in the ring, but he's still starting to look pretty old - bald head, grey goatee, bit of a guy, etc. I want him to go out while he still somewhat projects the image of being The Phenom and not just a guy who seems to look older and older every year. I mean, who even knows if piled up injuries or man unexpected one will cause him to have to retire prematurely before they can actually hype the final Wrestlemania match for him.

    -John Cena is the biggest opponent Undertaker would face off against for his retirement match.

    -The fact that Cena may have the title all year and run through opponent after opponent after opponent could be WWE intentionally building Cena up to look as credible as possible because they know he's going up against the streak next year. When the time comes, Cena could even give a promo the opposite of this year, where he said 2012 was his worst year ever because everything went downhill for him after the loss to The Rock. Next year, he could say the opposite, which is that the past year of 2013 has been the best year of his career yet and makes him think he's ready for the hardest task of his life, which is beating the streak.

    -The fact that Undertaker is wrestling a few matches post-Mania this year tells me he may have already decided to call it a career after next year, the logic being he figures his body can take the extra workload if he's hanging up the boots soon anyway.

    -The match is made in Wrestlemania heaven. Undertaker has the streak, and Cena has been the top dog for the last several years. The two haven't interacted since Cena became a main eventer (except for a tombstone around 2007 or so, but no feud or match.) Cena has run through literally every opponent there is for him to run through - JBL (his long title reign), Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Randy Orton, Great Khali (ended his undefeated streak), Edge, Kurt Angle, Umaga (ended his undefeated streak), Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Kane, Big Show, Tensai (ended his undefeated streak), Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Muhammad Hassan (remember him? Ended his undefeated streak), Daniel Bryan (if he beats him this year) Ryback, Mark Henry, The Miz, and of course, The Rock himself. So, I can imagine Cena saying how it seems like his whole career has been building up to this point, like it's meant for him breaking Undertaker's streak to be the absolute pinnacle of his career.

    I have ideas on how to book the match too, such as Undertaker's return for the post-Elimination Chamber Raw being hyped a few weeks ahead of time as Undertaker returning to challenge someone for WM30 and people speculate constantly on who it could be. Interviewers backstage may even ask a couple of guys (and a few of the wrestlers could ask one another) if they think they are the ones Taker wants to fight. When Taker finally does show, he announces that he's ready for the final battle and he hand picks John Cena as his opponent. He feels he's the toughest opponent he could face at this point and his challenge to Cena could be similar to his challenge to Triple H at WM28 - he needed to beat Triple H and walk out on his own to know that Triple H couldn't beat him, and he needs to beat John Cena because he knows that if Cena can't defeat him, no one can at this point.

    I also could see Cena getting mad in a promo over the fact that no one thinks he can defeat Undertaker and that he'll be just another victim because while he overcomes any challenge, defeating the streak is in a whole different stratosphere. He could flip out just like this year, when he said that Rock didn't beat him (and couldn't) but rather he beat himself. He could say he'll defeat the Undetaker at Wrestlemania because he always overcomes the challenges and obstacles put in front of him. Even if he loses the first time, he'll come back and win the second time (he could say "just ask The Rock.") And since he's only getting one shot at Taker's streak, everyone can bet that this is the end for Undertaker and the legendary Wrestlemania streak.

    Also, would it be a bad thing for the WWE Title to be on the line? Cena keeping the title for one year (or getting it back from Daniel Bryan at some point) only builds further hype for the match, especially since it would make people literally doubt that Taker was winning. Undertaker could have his one final victory though, and hold up the WWE Title in celebration one last time before forfeiting it and disappearing from WWE for good.
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  12. Great post as always.
    Nonetheless if Cena breaks the streak, I'm done with WWE forever.
  13. out of anyone who could break the streak if WWE sink that low and allow Cena to break it, i will actually stop watching WWE
  14. I fear they may see it as a modern day Hogan/Andre Wrestlemania 3 moment, i.e Andre's 15 year undefeated streak (ignoring his count out/DQ losses) being ended by Hulk Hogan, which was the peak of Hulkamania. However, Hogan was only a top guy for three years at that point, not nine years like Cena will have been by the time the match happens (possibly) next year.

    But I seriously doubt they'd want Cena to end it. And even if they did, that doesn't mean Cena will agree to it. Randy Orton in his asshole days respected Taker too much to end his streak, I doubt Cena will agree to.
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  15. Cut out show/nash and hopefully by then DB vs Kane is long over.

    Want to see Bork get beat by someone badass, and DB would be my dream there (going to get a lot of disagreements im sure)...match ends in submission.

    No Rock. No SCSA.

    Undertaker vs Kane? Otherwise American Badass vs Fruity pebbles. Taker wins and ends his career undefeated at WM.

    DZ vs ADR for the WOrld title, im always down.

    Cessaro vs a foreign opponent for the US

    Hawk keeps winning, i dont really care who he beats. If they shove miz down our throat, hopefully it ends with an injury angle.

    I'll probably have to edit, i know i'm missing at least one or two people i want to see.

    And........Punk vs Ambrose for the preshow :troll:
  16. Somewhere is Cornwall, Crayo just fainted
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  17. Sadly Cornwall is somewhere.
  18. I can't even imagine the promos of a Punk/Ambrose feud :shock:
  19. Expect a lot of pouting.
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