WrestleMania How will No Undertaker affect this years Wrestlemania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Donald Trump_, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. With no Undertaker there's really no reason to be excited for this WM. I think this WM PPV Buys will decline majorly. Especially considering the fact that the main event is Rock/Cena2. Last years WM did well because of the Once in a Lifetime build-up and Undertaker/HHH Hell in a Cell. This WM has none of that.
  2. Lol what. How many buys do you think Undertaker draws? I'd say less than 100,000 at the very most. People don't buy Mania just to see Undertaker, they know he's going to win anyway.

    This WrestleMania will be the biggest WrestleMania of all time, bigger than last year and bigger than Mania '23 (which is still the best selling Mania PPV).

    Rock/Cena 2 as well as HHH/Lesnar are both HUGE matches, anyone who tells you otherwise are kidding you and themselves.
  3. It won't have much effect on the buy rate because Undertaker has never been a main attraction at the top of the card. Undertaker and the undefeated Wrestlemania streak is actually a fine example of how well the WWE hype machine works. Not to downplay Taker's legacy or the positive (or negative) effect that breaking the streak could have on someone's career, but when it comes to trying to appeal to the masses and the non-wrestling fans, Taker and the streak aren't really what you'd rely on to draw in the non-wrestling fans, even for just one night to order WM. Wrestlemania 26 proved that. That said, I'd love to see Undertaker compete at Wrestlemania. He's had the best matches the last 4-5 years.

    I don't doubt this Wrestlemania could top last year's buy rate, given not only Rock's mainstream appeal like last year, but also Brock's as well.
  4. It may hurt buyrates a bit, but nothing really huge. There are other matches that will make up for it (Rock/Cena and HHH/Lesnar will draw buys after all), so other than that, more time on the card for other matches.
  5. Personally. His match last year kinda sucked. He is not the same man he was and his skills have declined dramatically.
    Not a taker mark at all.
  6. Why do you think they're bringing back The Rock? They want to have something to make it spectacular
  7. Taker vs HBK in the cell sucked? I've not seen that opinion around here much.

    It will probably affect the buy-rates and some may feel it lacks something, as Undertaker has such a huge Wrestlemania legacy. I still think him not being there is for the best.
  8. it was taker vs HHH lol...
  9. The Undertaker not there at WrestleMania is sad news for wrestling fans as it won't feel right without him there but it's for the benefit of the fans and The Undertaker himself. The reason it won't feel right though is because of his legacy at WrestleMania. If he's not medically fit then it's better for him to heal up for next years which will make it extra special. As for the effect on the buyrate, I believe it will cause a little bit of damage.
  10. Taker hasn't officially said no.
  11. HHH vs Lesnar will get a lot of viewers
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