Battleground How will Seth beat Brock?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Jun 21, 2015.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Seth is not losing the belt at Battleground, but how is he going to retain? Is he really gonna get a legit win over Brock with no assistance?
    Share your ideas, I really don't know.
  2. I imagine it'll be some lame ass ending, like Seth getting himself DQ'd or whatever.

    That, of course, depends on whether they want him working this year's SummerSlam as a babyface or not.
    If they want Rollins as a babyface come SS time, then they might as well have Lesnar beat Rollins, or have Sheamus cash in on Rollins.
  3. I'd be very, very surprised to see Seth pick up any kind of pinfall victory (clean or otherwise) over Lesnar. The only way I'd expect him to retain the championship at all is by count-out, disqualification, or a no contest.

    The rumored double main event for Summerslam is Seth Rollins vs Triple H and Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship, so if these plans come to fruition, then we can assume Brock will defeat Seth for the title at Battleground and that Seth's face turn will center around the fact that he took the fight to Brock and put up a strong and valiant effort against him without the help of The Authority and earned back the respect of the fans for doing so. The turn will then be finalized the next night when he either ditches The Authority or gets dropped by Triple H for failing to defeat Lesnar (or both - he turns his back on HHH and ends up paying the price for it with an epic beat-down.)
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  4. For once Lockard's fantasy booking sounds good. Of course he is just re-posting the rumors he read, but still, this sounds like solid booking.

    Either way, Rollins can't fucking beat Lesnar lol. Fuck that noise.
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  5. J&J security and the APA will form a super protection business and attack Brock Lesnar.
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  6. I just don't see him coming out of this scenario the victor at all. It'll be back and forth somewhat and he'll lose cleanly, or The Authority will cost him the match.
  7. He's going to Pedigree his ass to the mat and pin him 1,2,3.
  8. That is so not happening. Not to mention a single Pedigree couldn't keep Brock down.
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  9. then you wake up
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  10. Seth won't beat Brock. It'll be a dq loss or triple h will help Brock.
  11. Brock doesn't need any help to win his matches, bruh. He's a legit beast.

    If anything, Trips will get mad at Rollins for losing the title the next night on RAW (or hell, might even happen at BL), despite giving hell to Brock and being resilient and all that, which would trigger a face turn for Rollins.
  12. I didn't mean to imply that Brock needs help. More or less, when Seth seems to have Brock on edge a little, triple h may symbolically leave Seth behind. Like by walking away from the ring and not caring. Something to show the break up.

    But yes, Brock will most likely win clean after Seth pushes him and then triple h punishes Rollins.
  13. Seth is gonna take out his machette and deliver a massive stroke to Brock's chest and head, and then drop kick Borck's head into the rafters. Wooooooohoooo!
  14. No, Seth will finally return the curb stomp. And pound Brock's giant some to the mat.
  15. I don't get why would Trips leave Seth behind if Seth was closing in on a victory.
  16. The same reason triple h attacked Orton the next night after summerslam back in 2004? He doesn't want him to really win and doesn't think he's the future anymore? Triple h thinks Brock is best for business.
  17. OIC.

    That could work, too, I guess. Depends if they want Rollins as a babyface come SS time
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  18. Part of me wants to think it will tie into seth bashing the authority a couple weeks ago. Either a turn during the match, or if by some miracle he wins, it'll be the next night.
    What ever happens I want to see a nice pedigree on seth.
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  19. Honestly, I have no clue. If Reigns had won MITB, then I would say we'd see another screwing of Lesnar in the same way Rollins did it at WM. That would bring the story full circle.

    Since Reigns did not win, I am not sure. If Lesnar gets the belt and Reigns gets a title shot against him, it would also bring the story full circle. Reigns will be able to accomplish what was rumored to happen nearly a year ago. But then, it would also be three world title changes in a year... which has happened enough before, but I still don't like the idea.
    I'm just wasting space. I have no clue.
  20. HHH helping Brock makes no sense. And Hunter proclaiming that Brock Lesnar carrying the world title is what's "best for business" is just a redux of last year's storyline all over again.
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