Payback How will Team RKNO lose at Payback?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Danielson, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. I figure they will lose, but how do you all see them losing? Are there any out there that think they will win(they won't) but if you think so let us know!

    I'm going to say that Kane may accidently cost them the titles, or Orton turns heel on DB(Perfect time for orton to honestly, and the right guy to do it on)
  2. One of them turns heel (not with shield) and i hope to god it's Orton. DB is over as hell and him turning vs fans would just be wasted. Orton screws over DB, we deal with a month of DB crushing people and (unforuntately) jobbing to Orton, then he gets back to business.

    Hopefully Orton fucks over DB, DB crushes his face into a locker, and then starts some crazy shit by beating Henry.
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  3. Daniel Bryan doing the yes chants is a sure indication that he will be face after Payback so signs are pointing to Orton turning. I think it would be great for both of these guys if it turns out this way. DB gets over and Orton'll get back in the top spot. I think DB should feud with Orton but I don't think he should be beating Orton to the point where it seems like a burial.
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  4. If a turn happens, it won't be during the match but after. There's no motivation for Orton to betray Bryan (or vice versa) while actively fighting for a chance to take the tag team championships away from The Shield. If one or the other causes them to lose the match, however, I could see tension leading to someone's beat down.

    I think they'd be massively retarded to turn Bryan heel from all of this. For one, he's extremely popular and the fact that he's a newer face to WWE than Orton makes for a fresher baby face character on the roster in general. Why kill that kind of momentum? Secondly, he's rumored to face Cena next month and it might be silly for him to turn heel and go straight into a world title feud without having a full fledged feud with his former partner Kane or even Orton first (unless he won the title and had a feud over the belt with those two, but I'm not gullible enough to believe that we have a Cena-less main event with Bryan headlining against Orton or Kane, especially for Summerslam.)

    If anyone turns at all (I'm not 100% convinced they are), it should obviously be Orton. Even though he's a pretty over face, too. Bryan surviving a punt kick and coming back after Orton plays into his "Fighter who just won't quit" persona quite well.
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  5. What happened to Orton and his heel turn everyone was talking about on the previous smackdown?
  6. Miscommunication, I believe. Not really sure anyone will turn from this though.
  7. Yeah, i'm leaning more towards Kane messing up the match somehow on accident causing a feud with Kane and Bryan for a month or two before Bryan moves on to title contention.
  8. I can see Kane turning just for the fuck of it. Kane loses to Ambrose due to some fuckery (Reigns and Rollins running in but Bryan and Orton not making it in time). Kane gets prissy and attacks everyone during the tag match.
  9. Hope Kane doesn't turn. His face work is more entertaining at this point.
  10. Either a random Orton turn, or just a miscommunication leading to a Bryan/Orton filler feud.
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