How will the Universe react to upcoming NXT talent ?

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    As we've seen with past NXT talent being called up sometimes their gimmicks don't resonate with the larger main roster audience. With the next crop of Talent potentially starting to get called up by the end of the year I'm very curious to see how the main roster audience responds to some of the talent. Especially Asuka, her gimmick and overall aesthetic is very...abstract to say the least. I would be very suprised if she wasn't toned down in some way before making her debut.

    Not to single out Japanese talent but Nakamura worries me aswell because again he is different. He's over as fuck in NXT because NXT is the smark crowd and they are the most likely to have followed his NJPW run. Needless to say the main roster crowd is a very different story.

    Now obviously none of this completely falls on the wrestlers themselves but their booking but I can't help but be worried as fan. Do you think the next crop with be as well received as the last? Probably not IMO, we'll have to wait and see.
  2. that's a good point. Japanese wrestling tends to be theatrical and Asuka had several personas there, Zombie Commander,
    Commander, Space Warrior, Ghost Clown and regular. the WWE main audience might get lost.
  3. Maybe WWE will start treating them accordingly, Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka look to be very popular stars, most nxt fans are the people you see in the regular WWE crowd (well usually)
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  4. I just hope they build them accordingly and don't rely on their NXT fame because a majority of the WWE fanbase doesn't watch NXT.
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  5. Well, all we can hope for is that they react well...

    Nakamura will win people over instantly, the dude's charisma is unparalleled. He's simply awesome.

    And Asuka, well... I guess people will like her, too, because just like Nakamura, she's different and people will appreciate that.
  6. Like botchie said WWE needs to book the NXT superstars better....... even I don't catch every episode of NXT
  7. It's just like with Finn Balor. Bring him up and treat him like a star, he'll get over.
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  8. Lately WWE has been handling NXT stars like badass stars and that's making a difference. Nakamura and Asuka will both win over the crowd just because they bring something completely different to what the main roster has to offer. If they will be given decent booking, now that's left to be seen.
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