How Will You Book Orton To Make Him More Relevant?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Hannah Bee, Oct 15, 2015.

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  1. Let's put his 300K a year contract into use, people.

    How can we stop the Sheamus vs. Orton monstrosity that keeps on happening?

    Personally, I'd like to see Orton and Ambrose team up ala Team Hell No - two dysfunctional people teaming up for a common cause. Make the two men heel, and I'd definitely have a fangasm as soon as it happens officially. We have the groundwork set already - New Day vs. Orton and Ambrose - and I think they should continue doing so.

    (Also, Legacy getting mentioned made my heart soar. Back on the topic at hand...)

    Would love to hear your thoughts. Not caught up too much on the product, but I started watching RAW again every week this month so that's that.
  2. No more dysfunctional teams. We seen enough of that. I'd rather see Orton and Ambrose have a psychopathic feud if anything.
  3. Well, Orton feuding for midcard titles would be a good start.
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  4. Did someone say....Relevant?
    Seriously though, move his ass to the low-midcard and see what happens.
  5. No more dysfunctional teams. We seen enough of that. I'd rather see Orton and Ambrose have a psychopathic feud if anything.
    Gotta remind people you matter, bro?
  6. You must be new, of course that's the case.
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  7. If Owens wasn't Intercontinental Champion, I'd put the IC Title on Orton. I actually proposed this idea a few years ago when Orton was floundering in the midcard from about late-2011 to mid-2013 that it would be a good idea to use a former main eventer like him to boost some much needed prestige to one of the midcard belts. And now that they've decided to use Cena's star power to try and elevate the United States Championship, the idea isn't so far fetched (granted, Cena is a much bigger star than Orton, but the principle and the result is still the same.)

    However, Owens is carrying the title right now and I'm hoping he has a long, fruitful reign with it. A rivalry between the two with Orton putting Owens over and KO going on to brag about how he finally "killed the Legend Killer" would be preferable and we all know Orton to his credit has no problem putting others over and making them look good.
  8. I didn't copy you, because I didn't know you proposed the IC title idea, but Orton is perfect for the IC title picture as of now and I, too, have stated this in the past. Much like cena captured his Old US title back and made it relevant, let Orton do the same with the IC title. I agree 100%.

    KO and Orton would be the best thing for Orton as of now.
  9. Orton and Ambrose feuding instead isn't a wonderful idea, in my opinion. (My opinion doesn't matter much around here, don't worry.)

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    In my opinion, Orton feuding with people lower than him (in popularity sense, that is) is considered as a career suicide. Orton is never afraid to give the people the helm, yes, but he unintentionally overshadows the people he's feuding him. Ambrose might be a rising star right now, but Orton is much more of a household name. There are exceptions to this little observation of mine, but I am afraid this might happen to Ambrose. From a man who has no direction at the moment to a man who got overshadowed by Orton.


    Awesome idea, although I would not want Orton to be a face when he does this. Time and time again shows that Randy Orton isn't effective as a heel, and wouldn't be. His character is based on psychosis, for starters. How would a KO/Orton feud work with Orton being a heel? Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

    (Fuck, I'm too polite. I keep on forgetting this is WWEF.)


    You have always been relevant to me, Aids. <3
  10. I'd rather see Y2J/Ambrose feud than Orton/Ambrose. I'd much prefer Orton in a IC title feud with KO, tbh.
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  11. Oooh, Jericho/Ambrose! Will get aboard on this idea. Not the topic of the thread but I'd love to hear about it!
  12. A Y2J/Ambrose feud was teased at NOC. Reigns and Ambrose had a mystery partner (Y2J) coming out to help 'em defeat The Wyatt Family.
    Reigns, Ambrose and Y2J failed in doing so (as Jericho ate the pin, in this case, he passed out to a submission hold), so after the match they went to check on Y2J, but he decided to act like a dick and shove his way through them and do the shoulder bump on Ambrose.

    I'm definitely behind this Ambrose/Y2J feud, considering WWE's been in this lull period for a while now.
  13. the only other thing I'd favor over Ambrose and Y2J feuding right now is if Ambrose is set to win the US title. Other than that, I'm all for it. In fact, you could have a heel Jericho fight a face Ambrose for the US title while cena is gone?
  14. Ambrose ain't winning the US title from Cena. His run when he was still part of The Shield was lackluster, so no, thank you.

    Don't be surprised if Cena gets written off TV at HIAC (post-HIAC Raw) and still get to remain the champ for the next 2 months of his absence.
  15. That doesn't mean this run will be the same as the Us title is bigger now and was seen as Shit before.

    That's ridiculous. They stripped Bryan after 30 days, strip super man.
  16. But Ambrose is just as popular as Orton, in fact he may be even more popular so... I am lost there lol
  17. It probably would be the same lame run just like the first time, 'cause anyone not named Cena wouldn't be doing well with the US title. That's just my guess.

    Yeah, they did strip Bryan. But this is Cena we're talking about.
  18. I hope not because it would be really silly for them to build this title for nearly a year now, just to stop it for 2 months, simply because cena wants time off.

    I'm aware it's cena and I get it, I was rather trying to point out the stupid inconsistencies with WWE. I know we're aware of it, but a perfect way to build a cena return would be to have him drop the belt and have to win in it back. Keep the title alive and strong while he's gone so it keeps it status. Makes cena more "hungry"
  19. If they book an injury angle, then I could live with the US title being gone for 2 months.

    At this point, I'm just hoping Cena's keeping the US title warm for Sami Zayn... Or pretty much anyone who's about to get called up to the main roster from NXT.
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  20. To get the thread back on topic:

    Does anyone else think Orton turns on Ambrose at HIAC, or does Jericho return instead, costing Orton and Ambrose the win and then the feud 'tween Y2J and Ambrose begins? I prefer the latter scenario.
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