Survivor Series How would this ending look?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Nov 17, 2015.

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  1. So it's really easy to see what will happen at Survivor Series but I just had an interesting idea that also involves The Authority stable once again increasing in numbers:

    So of course it's Ambrose vs. Reigns in the finals, and Triple H is at ringside watching and this match ends with Reigns winning clean, Ambrose raises his hand, Triple H claps, then Sheamus comes out with his briefcase, Reigns is ready but then Kevin Owens, King Barrett, and Cesaro come in through the crowd, Ambrose and Reigns are surrounded, Triple H just watches smiling. Then out of no where Ambrose hits the dirty deeds on Reigns and him along with the other 4 guys beat the crap out or Reigns, Sheamus is about to hand his briefcase to the referee but then HE GIVES IT TO AMBROSE, 1,2,3.. Ambrose is your new champ and face of the authority, and now we have an Authority stable again, little interesting in which Sheamus gives up his briefcase to another superstar (possibly in exchange for Triple H to make him a number one contender for the title whenever he pleases as long as he supports Ambrose's reign until it ends), to win the belt.
  2. Sounded pretty good until Sheamus handing over his briefcase to Ambrose, that would make zero sense, just so he has a #1 contenders match in the future when he can win the title right then and there.
  3. Meh, not a fan of the idea.

    And out of all possible outcomes, the one featuring Sheamus cashing in successfully is the one I don't like at all.

    I actually like Sheamus, but I prefer him in the midcard.
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing a rebuilt Authority, but why would Sheamus hand the briefcase away? I think a better scenario should exclude Sheamus entirely.
  5. I said Sheamus would hand over the briefcase in exchange for full support from The Authority and when Ambrose's reign ends the Authority will still give him a title match whenever he wants. He'll be apart of the higher power AND still get his title shot whenever he wants.
  6. Why can't they just give Ambrose the title shots and have Sheamus be the back up plan if Ambrose ever loses/can't win the title
  7. Do you want Ambrose or Sheamus as champ? .. .. ... yeah exactly
  8. Thanks for filling in the blank, but I actually want Sheamus as champion. He's had a 3 year drought since holding the title, and the WWE obviously has a new found confidence in him, so I don't see why not.
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  9. :ambrose: oh....
  10. Do I want Ambrose as champ? Yes! Do I want Sheamus as champ? Nope, keep him in the midcard!
  11. Yeah I kinda just made this up because giving Sheamus the briefcase is a damn mistake lol
  12. Lock being a puss for me liking the Mohawk Fella?
  13. Yeah, it wouldn't make sense for Sheamus to give up the briefcase when he could beat up the new champ and cash in (and fail) on the spot.
  14. Not feeling it. First off your having Cesaro and Dean Ambrose turn heels. They are already the 2 most over guys on the roster so it super unlikely that they'll both turn heel, let alone at the same time.

    Secondly, it makes absolutely no sense for Sheamus to just hand the briefcase over. Thats essentially like winning the title and just giving it away to someone else. I personally think tht when Sheamus cashes in, he'll lose. I think when LEsnar wins the the title Sheamus is gonna try to cash in but then get his ass handed to him to make Lesnar look like a monster.
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  15. I threw it on the ground!!!
  16. Wait your big swerve was Shameful handing his briefcase over just cuz? Keep that goon off my TV please.
  17. Sheamus is better than what he has been before. But overall he's kind of lame. If he does win the title, I want his reign to be a month at best, then he goes back to the mid card.
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  18. Agreed, he'll get a huge pop when he cashes in but then it'll just go straight down hill from there
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  19. Dang this thread I made has created such negative reaction it's funny
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