How would you arrange the announce teams?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Leo C, May 26, 2012.

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  1. If you were in charge of setting up the broadcast teams for every WWE show (Raw, SD, Superstars, NXT, PPVs), how would you set them up? Only using WWE employees.
  2. JR, Regal, Cole - RAW

    Cole, Book, Striker - SD

    JR, King, Cole - NXT

  3. Nice thread.

    SmackDown - keep it the same. Commentary is awesome there since Josh is play-by-play, Cole is awesome and Booker is hilarious.

    RAW - Stanford, Cole & Regal

    Superstars - Stanford & Stiker

    NXT - Matthews and Regal (or heel Saxton)

    PPV's - JR, Cole & Booker
  4. Raw - J.R, Cole, Regal

    Smackdown - Matthews, Cole, Booker

    NXT - J.R, Regal

    Superstars - Hopefully the matches become awful with Cole and Matthews being hilarious like they were on NXT.
  5. I'm not really sure about it, but let's see:

    Raw: JR and Striker.

    SD: Cole, Mathews and Booker.

    NXT: Stanford and Regal.

    Superstars: Mathews and Striker.

    PPVs: JR, Cole, Striker. Or separate Raw and SD announce tables.
  6. The amount of you pushing Stanford to NXT or leaving him out completely makes me feel sick!
  7. I like Stanford. He is a good play-by-play announcer, but on my picks I left that role with JR on Raw, and I wouldn't put four people on SD. Announcing NXT shouldn't be that bad though, it's a good show.
  8. JR in my opinion is a shadow of his former self on RAW. He rocked at WM so I think he's a PPV type commentator. Limiting him to PPV's would be pretty good imo.

    I love how King is pretty much left out of most people's posts.
  9. JR on his last Raw run was more of a commentator, an analyst, as the play-by-play guy was Cole. In my post, he'd be the play-by-play guy and Striker would be the commentator, as I believe he excels in that role. I like your idea of putting JR only on PPVs though, it's a good option.

    King doesn't entertain as a face in a PG environment, and he doesn't care about the product anymore. So, if he was to be on my list, he'd be on Superstars at best.
  10. Striker is too much of a mark unfortunately, Vince seems to not like that. Striker is awesome, he talks so much bullshit but it's hilarious.
  11. Exactly. I loved him on commentary. Since Vince won't put him on TV, I gladly will.
  12. Anything less than Scott Steiner working solo is unacceptable
  13. That would be pure entertainment. I want to see his math classes.
  14. Raw & PPVs- JR, Cole, & Booker T

    don't care about any other shows
  15. JR, Cole and Booker worked together for a while on Raw and PPVs last year when King was injured by Henry, they did a pretty good job.
  16. It hurts me that you're not a fan of Stanford or Regal, it genuinely does.
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