How would you book a returning star?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Feb 20, 2016.

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  1. If you could have any superstar past or present return to wwe or make their wwe debut, How would you incorporate them into current wwe storylines?

    See my favorite superstar of all time was/is Edge and I would love to see him back in the WWE but that is never going to happen. But if it were I would love a feud with AJ Styles maybe even make it a triple threat with Chris "I have returned again for the 50th time" Jericho.

    Or even if Edge was in an angle with Bray Wyatt.
  2. Kane, 2001 attire, destroy everyone, no-sell everything.
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  3. That would be awesome but NO he is pissing about with The Big Slow and the wyatt family
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  4. He has been pissing for years. :okay:
  5. Tyler Breeze, showcase his talent. Let him build up to a tent pole in the mid-card, could occasionally main event if need be.

    Fandango, keep his stalker Johnny Curtis persona. Have him get in fuuny skits with the divas, but also hold his own in the ring. Probably have a tag partner to do stuff like Christian/Jericho, maybe with Kidd. Keep them in a face team until he breaks away as a serious heel.
  6. :eww:
  7. Somebody didn't watch NXT.
  8. someone didn't notice the text change :ambrose2:
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  9. Yeah, building up poles are normal tho. Lockard does it all the time.
  10. No he just throws dollars at them.
  11. If them is his computer screens then maybe.
  12. nah he used papal for that
  13. CM Punk jumps the rail and pisses in the ring.
    Mainly just have him troll the audience. Tease a return to the ring but never deliver. Kinda like his current UFC run
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  14. CM Punk returns at Fastlane and destroys Lesnar, Ambrosr, and Reigns with steel chairs. Then challenges Triple H at Wrestlemania and wins the world title.

    The UFC thing ends up being a work and WWE pulls the biggest swerve of all time
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  15. Chris Benoit enters Royal Rumbler 2017 at #5 and beats Santino's record, getting eliminated by Heath Slater.
  16. I wanted to post the same thing, but ya beat me to it!
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