How would you book Barrett then?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. With these vignettes airing and his likely return to be on SmackDown, where would you put him? How would you book this awesome heel?
  2. Re: How would tyou book Barrett then?

    I've only got a general idea but I'd have him knock people out cold for a few weeks, the lower card guys. This leads to Ohno making his debut as a face ( I think he's working as a heel currently, man I need to catch up on NXT but they could easily change him up ), being Wades 5th challenger, everyone expects him to just be another to be knocked out but he lasts in a 10 minute match before it ends in a draw setting up that feud, have them both catch each other with elbows outside so its a double countout. Wade goes over 2-1 eventually but Khassius is made to look like a tough SOB before feuding with Ceasero over the US title.
  3. ^what he said. Bring some new talent in and give them both the stage at the same time. Could be epic.
  4. WHC Scene asap. Feud with Cody Rhodes over Intercontinental championship.
  5. I'd book him as a badass hitting stiff shots on people and knocking them out at first, yeah. Then I'd move him to a feud against Sheamus for the WHC, he takes him out someday and Ziggler wins the WHC I guess. Could result in some good brawls, Sheamus/Barrett. In this scenario Sheamus doesn't bury everyone though, so it's a bit hard. I love that K.O. story Seabs created by the way.
  6. What Seabs suggested basically.
  7. So i remember reading a thread talking about ziggler losing his MITB to another person like kennedy did and i think Barrett should be that person if it were to happen. Barrett needs to be a viscious badass and take the briefcase hostage by brutal force without even a match taking place as it did with edge and kennedy. He will then claim that he is now the holder of the briefcase and that he will now go on to win the WHC title. I think vince should be involved in the storyline also where he confronts barrett demanding that he gives up the briefcase but he just attacks him (could be replaced by GM booker) and anyone else who tries to stop him (using his fists to show his bare knuckle boxing background). Everyone will be too afraid to do anything about it. even the referees. Even though the refs know he isnt the owner of the breifcase, when barrett decides to cash in, the refs will just quiver in fear and start the title match and he would go on to win it

    (im unsure if this part would be good or not)
    This would cause ziggler to become furious, and his outrage towards GM booker for what has happened would make him implement a second briefcase that ziggler now holds. So now you would have 2 people with an opportunity to cash in at any time. (not sure what would happen next)
  8. That would bury poor Ziggler though :emoji_slight_frown:.

    If it were me I'd have him straight in that main event and winning either the WHC or WWE title with a strong mega-heel build around him. Perhaps have him aligned with Vince or someone corporate with power.
  9. Antonio gets the US championship and has a face turn. Antonio wins his rematch against Santino, then from under the ring Wade comes out and ambushes Antonio with a lead pipe and beats him up. Wade keeps sneak attacking him for a couple of weeks until Antonio comes out and finally calls out Wade. He asks what Wade wants, and Wade comes out and tells him the US championship. Then Antonio says no because Wade hasn't proved why he should be US Champion, so he declines and gives it to someone like The Great Khali. The Great Khali has a match that night, and Wade ambushes him and beats him up so badly that he can't wrestle for a couple of weeks. Wade says he'll do this to every wrestler until he gets his shot. So he does, and Wade loses. Then Wade demands another rematch at Night of Champions, and he does. Wade wins the belt from Antonio. Then they feud over it for a few months, and finally Wade loses it to Antonio permanently. Then Wade gets into a match where it's a number one contender for the Word championship match, which has Antonio in it too, and Wade pins Antonio to get a world title shot. That way, he has a good feud, and they both gain something from it.
  10. I would like Barett to beat Sheamus and win the WHC title.

    I would like him to be the Tripple H during the AE and the Ruthless Agression Era. Making a stable around him like THE Mcmahons or Evolution seems like a good idea too.
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