How would you book Bayleys Return

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Jon, Aug 14, 2017.

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  1. So when Bayley does return I would have here come out to cut a promo with her hair down and the crowd might cheer its's like a 50/50 chance ,but if they cheer she should turn heel and say "Oh shut up all of you you all booed me last time and now you cheer for me what is wrong with you" ,but if they boo she still turns heel and says " I love it when you boo keep it going because the only reason you boo is because you think I am soft well I am not" then she spits in a little girls face (actor of course) and she enters the ring and says "I am not soft I am as hardcore as Mick Foley I don't care what match I am in but I want Nia Jax she injured me and I am going to teach her to never mess with me again." *Nia Jax enters*
    Nia Jax: "what the hell do you think you are doing I am Nia Jax I'll injure your little shoulder again if I have too"
    Bayley: "Nia you don't know a damn thing about me"
    Nia Jax: "Well lets go one on one right now huh sister"
    Bayley: "Fine I will ,but I want a no holds barred match anything goes bitch"
    *Kurt Angle confirms the match as the main event because why not*
    *fight starts*
    Bayley spits in Nias face grabs chair and hits her multiple times and yells "you like that huh, this is what you get you dirty piece of shhhh"
    Bayley puts Nia through a table looks under the ring and finds a kendo stick and looks at it for a while (Since she wouldn't hit alexa) *gets angry and hits Nia three times and pins her 1,2,3*

    Now what how would you book her return or how would you addon to this
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  2. Bayley needs to be rebuilt from the ground up...
    and I actually think they could do it one of two

    Option 1: A Move to SmackDown:

    Moving Bayley to the Blue brand would give her
    some new opponents to work with as well as the
    opportunity to develop her character with a possible
    feud with "NXT friend" Carmella.

    It would also give Bayley some new allies to pal
    around well as possibly provide an chance
    for Becky Lynch to turn heel depending on who gets
    swapped out for Bayley.

    Looking at how small the roster is and recent past feuds...
    the most logical person to move would be Natalya or
    even possibly Carmella...or a straight fire swap for
    Becky Lynch...but I don't want Becky & Charlotte to
    be separated...because I ship it.

    Option 2: A Slow Rebuild on RAW:

    Bring Bayley back slowly...possibly give her a few "squash"
    matches to start out with...may-be a couple of defeats
    over Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke. Then have her first
    feud proper with Emma...and possibly team her up with
    Mickie James who would serve as a great mentor for

    Let Bayley win a few matches and build some kind of
    undefeated streak and develop her character so she is
    still Bayley...but appears tougher, stronger and more

    Its really simple...

    If you want the crowds to cheer for her like
    someone you want to cheer for.

    She's sweet...but tough...and will always go down fighting.
  3. *her music hits and she walks to the ring with a big pop
    *she sees me ringside and tells me to join
    *we have a live sex celebration.

    I think this is the best way for her to return.
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  4. Okay...that is Gold...


    Wouldn't it be kind of weird to have sex with Bayley
    while she's "in character"?
  5. Okay then...