How would you book Bobby Roode and Eric Young?

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  1. So, Roode and Young have been released. And just for scenarios sake, they've been signed and you've been left to book them.

    book away.

    My booking idea (open)
    The night after WrestleMania 32, The Usos have just won a rematch against the Dudley Boyz. The Dudley Boyz leave the ring and The Usos are celebrating when they walk outside to interact with the crowd, Young suddenly springs out of the crowd and sucker punches one of the Usos. Security carries him away before the other Uso could get involved.

    The following week, Usos are in the ring discussing the incident when they call out Young (who isn't referred to by his name). He is escorted to the ring by security and they leave him in the ring. The Usos ask him for his name and he says he's Eric Young. When they ask why he did what he did, Young doesn't answer and says that in-time they will get their answer. He leaves and is escorted out.

    The following week, Usos are having a match with The League of Nations when Young jumps the barrier and distracts the Usos, allowing the League of Nations to get the win. They start chasing him and he jumps the barrier and they go after him. After a while The Usos chase Young to the parking lot when he jumps into a car and speeds off. The driver isn't shown and The Usos are left in anger. Later that night, Jimmy challenges Eric Young to a match, and if he can find a partner then it could be a 2-on-2 tag match. Young walks out from the crowd and enters the ring and says that he accepts the challenge, but if he and is mystery partner win - they get full-time contracts.

    At Payback, Eric Young waits in the ring when an unfamiliar theme starts on the PA. The titantron begins with an "I" and then a "T" and suddenly "FACTOR" pops up and the crowd erupts. Roode walks out with his robe. He walks down and shakes hands with Young before they go on to beat The Usos. The Usos walk over to shake hands with Young and Roode and they attack them. They have a tornado table match and beat them again. At Money in the Bank they face The Usos in a ladder match with the winners getting a title match with (for fantasy sake) New Day at Battleground. During the match, The Usos interfere and cause a big commotion. At Summer Slam, New Day vs. The Usos vs. Young and Roode vs. The Dudley Boyz. Roode and Young win the title and hold it until WrestleMania 33 when they lose them to The Usos. etc. etc. etc.
  2. No, thank you. I want Roode in NXT for a little while before he comes to the main roster (perhaps alongside Austin Aries).

    Also, you can bet your ass Enzo & Cass are going to debut post-Mania and probably end up in a feud with The Dudleyz.
  3. Well this is a "How would you book in WWE" it doesn't matter where they are previously, whether that be NXT or not. It's how would you book them on WWE's main roster.
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  4. Book as you would Austin Aries, and they both [Aries & Rhoode] get into a rivalry. Just like what AJ Styles is going through with Chris Jericho. Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and AJ Styles are all "greats" and they're the best technical wrestlers there are in the industry right now. Austin Aries is trying to be a well-rounded WWE Superstar so he'll have a Crusierweight run before getting into the WWE mid-card/main-event picture where he can win IC, U.S., and WWE WHC.

    Eric Young, however: The same bully that he was in TNA. It works well for him.
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