How would you book "Brock Lesnar"

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  1. So the question is quite simple, "How would you book Brock Lesnar if he returned"?

    I would make him a dominant superstar going undefeated for the first months or year.
    I would also make him a WWE or WHC Champion.
  2. Depends if he's going to be a weekly full-time superstar, or just at Wrestlemania.

    For Mania' I'd book it as no one stepping up to the task to face Undertaker. Undertaker says every week he'll step out there and stay in the ring for 2 minutes and if no one's entrance music played to face him, he'll just leave again. He does this for 4 weeks in a row. Then suddenly, Lesnars music hits just as Taker is leaving. He slowly walks down the ring and they have a face off, no talking on the mic at all. Lesnar just looks crazy staring into his eyes, then hits him with the F5. Build the feud up week after week with Lesnar getting the upper hand, make people believe he really is going to end the streak. Then Taker wins at mania'.

    For a week-to-week basis, I'd have him feud with Cena for the title. Brock goes over Cena clean and injures him for about 2 months. Where he feuds with Punk, Orton, Miz etc and wins dominantly. At Mania' he faces Cena and Punk for the title in a triple-threat iron man match or something.
  3. Woah, that first suggestion is pretty good.
  4. I'd actually reignite the feud between Brock Lesnar and The Rock. Making them a headline event at the next WM. Although, I'd love to see them in a Hell in a Cell with 4 others. It would be:

    Brock Lesnar
    The Rock
    Randy Orton
    Wade Barrett
    Dolph Ziggler
    CM Punk
  5. If Rock is still around after this mania I wouldn't mind that at all. But Brock vs Rock doesn't help the young superstars of WWE.
  6. It wouldn't help them, but to be quite honest, none of them would stand a chance against Brock. We would need someone with a lot of experience to match him.
  7. Orton? Cena again? Punk?
  8. I wouldn't want Brock Lesnar in a winning streak. He wouldn't even be there long because of the killer schedule. I would have him in a big match at Wrestlemania against "The Undertaker or John Cena."
  9. IF he was at RAW once a week and PPV's, that's not a hard schedule at all (skipping the house shows).
  10. Yeah I guess, but than he gets "No Championship" because they are all required to show up on House Shows.
  11. Maybe. Brock doesn't need the championship though in my opinion.
  12. He doesn't, it's time for the future and to be honest, the only rivalries that would be interesting again would be against either Cena, Taker, Big Show (Again), CM Punk and maybe Orton. If Kane will be still on a roll, count him in.
  13. Oh Orton would be the pick for me. The match quality would be great, or Taker/Cena. I wouldn't put him with Punk or Big Show.

    God, fantasizing about his return just hurts my feelings :emoji_slight_frown:.
  14. I said Punk because they are both Paul Heyman guys.
    Also because...

    Big Show because he will probably be heel with the Shaq feud so why not have a rematch. Just no more breaking rings, LOL!
  15. Lol Big Show just seems to suck the life out of every single feud. :emoji_slight_frown:
  16. He's better off as a heel and should be more of a monster type of character.
  17. Agreed, but Brock can't return as face in my opinion. Which he'd have to be against heel big show.
  18. It depends really who he's against. I'm pretty sure he'll get the CM Punk reception from Shoot Promo till Night of Champions. He was playing a heel but getting a face reception. But by the male demographic.
  19. Yeah but having Brock as a face is a waste really. He's a monster. If he was a face he'd most likely win which is ridiculous.
  20. Well think about it this way, if Cena turns heel, than that's his superman replacement. But I agree now that he should be a heel. It's just that he'd still get a face reception.