How would you book Bryan?

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  1. Would you keep his character now as a babyface "nerd"? Would you turn him heel and go back to being a badass? Would you keep him face but make him a bit more badass?

    I'd probably go with the latter, we have enough smiley smiley faces with Cena, Sheamus & Zack Ryder. We don't need more. We need some more established faces with actual characters. I don't think they should continue Daniels "Nerd, Vegan, No television, Not special at anything, but good wrestler" gimmick. Spice it up gradually.
  2. I'd book him either like his return at summerslam just an intense submission expert as a babyface. If he was heel I'd just have be the best wrestler in the world. Have him deliberately destroy people just because he can. Even throw in some indie mannerism such as the I have till 5 chant either way.
  3. Yeah I'd personally like a bit more intensity to his character. I wouldn't change it now as he seems to be getting over, last thing you want to do is disrupt that. I'd give him plenty more time on the mic though and make his character more intense, he's been great recently on that mic. Constant appearances on RAW would be good. Matches against Ziggler would be great.
  4. Agreed with some points however he seems to get good pops when he's more intense in the ring like when he was kicking seven shades out of Cody in that trending fatal fourway. So it could be a good idea to adjust it slightly. He does need more mic time not alot as he's not great in that area, better then some think but nothing exceptional, so keep him to just getting his points across without large elaboration. The matches with Dolph would be great but I think he needs someone more established rather then on a similar level to him.
  5. Yeah good point. His intensity in his promos have been great recently though. I didn't watch all the match this week so dunno what he was like, who's he actually feuding with now again btw? Big Show? I'm expecting a heel turn on RAW tonight for Show, if they don't they're just wasting build up time.
  6. He Cashed Out his Money in the Bag against Big Show.
    Who was just beaten by Mark with a Steel Chair.
  7. Yeah I saw that. I think WWE made him do that so they don't necessarily NEED him in the main event of WM.
  8. I really do hope we get a show heel turn. I personally dislike Show but Bryan making him tap would be a huge moment for him not sure how he'd do it possibly like this? I can't see him getting big show directly into the lebelle lock. It would push the realism factor too much imo.

  9. Completely agree. He's known as a submission specialist and his catchphrase is to do with submissions, yet we only see one from him. So perfect opportunity to show how dangerous he is. Perhaps they can give him a gimmick to do with being the best at submissions. I'm scared with a Show heel turn he's just going to squash a lot of people and it will be another Mark Henry reign but with Big Show, who's just not as entertaining in my opinion. Though, he was doing the same as a face so meh.
  10. Big Show always squashes people thats his problem really but then again how else do you book someone 7foot tall :S ? The only time I don't mind him is when he's teamed with a smaller loud mouth such as Jericho or Miz. So i'm kinda hoping he takes the tag team division with someone who matches that description. Not sure who though so sadly it seems we share the same fear.

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  11. Yeah I liked him with Jerishow and Showmiz, only because I was interested in the tag-team division again. Don't understand why Sheamus isn't in Main Event (for someone who is so over) and Big Show is.

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  12. I would book Daniel Bryan to lose the championship at the Elimination Chamber to Mark Henry. He would stay in the ring for awhile because he's shocked. Than he would go insane and tear the place around.
    Next week on Smackdown their would be a confrontation between the two, Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan. Than Daniel Bryan would get a bit more of an aggressive character and beat up Mark Henry until security broke it up. Also D. Bryan has his rematch clause so he would be headlining Wrestlemania where he would get back his Championship.
  13. I like this, though I'd probably replace Henry with Orton or Barret. I welcome a more aggressive character from Bryan, he definitely is a decent mic worker when he's aggressive. Though it would mean one of them having a 1 month title reign, not the best scenario if you're looking to build more stars.
  14. Orton would be a good substitute, but not Barret. Not that I don't like Barret, but I doubt WWE would want to fresh stars headlining Wrestlemania.
  15. Good point. Orton wouldn't be okay though with a 1 month reign? And face vs face is a match where Orton just wouldn't lose vs Bryan. Unless one of them turn heel I can't see it working, but the match itself would be absolutely insane.
  16. Lets than change it a bit if it was Orton at Elimination Chamber and he won. He would stay in the ring to shake his hand, D. Bryan would but than attack him with a more aggressive persona, thus turning heel.
  17. Now that would be good, but Bryan would then lose at Mania' wouldn't he? Difficult isn't it :emoji_wink:.
  18. I guess, but I wouldn't mind it because Barret than would take the champion of Orton? Maybe...
  19. OR Triple Threat. Barret worms his way into the match, but the match is majority Bryan vs Orton for quality. Then Barret screws Orton so heel Bryan can win, or face Bryan.
  20. Only if Barret wins the Royal Rumble. If Orton does than Bryan won't go heel.