How would you book Jason Jordan's comeback?


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Jason Jordan had an eventful last 12 months. From upcoming tag team wrestler to being revealed to be Kurt Angle's son. Jason ditched his tag partner on Smackdown for a lucrative contract on Raw, where he has tried to take advantage of his family connection. As a result Jason became the first ever triple tag team champion. After a dodgy start, Jason started to get into his own as a character as he rides the coattails of Seth Rollins. He actually started gaining some legit heel heat. Unfortunately, Jason was sidelined with an injury that intercepted his momentum.

Now say what you want, Jordan has cemented himself in WWE programming. Some smark fans hate the goofiness and bad booking. However I feel that WWE have successfully written a 3 dimensional heel that can generate heel heat. What's so good about JJ is that he is a heel that thinks he is a babyface. That leads to many creative directions to take.

Jason is due back any day now. Which leads to the question, how would you book his return?

An idea I have:
Jason returns and helps save Roman and Seth from a beatdown from Jinder, KO and Sami on an episode of RAW. Jason wants to be in the Shield but Roman and Seth aren't having any of it. However Kurt books a six man tag match at the next ppv anyway. Jason continues to manipulate Kurt while still thinking he is this great babyface.

Eventually, Dean Ambrose returns and beats up Jason. This leads to Jason turning fully heel on the Shield and wins the intercontinental championship.
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Well...I guess I'd hit the reset button...Team him back with Chad Gable
for a brief run...before having the two feud over the I.C/U.S title.

Its hard to say really...I absolutely hated what they did with Jordan &
the "Angle's Son" anything else would e an improvement
for me.

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