How would you book Jericho?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tzesi, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. *SPOILER*
    Y2J returned tonight as a face but I don't think that will be his gimmick.
    How would you book him? Feud with Cena/Punk/....

    Personally I can't think of something right now..
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    He will come out next week it will be eight minutes long and will not say a word and leave.
    Until it's the Royal Rumble, he screws punk and next RAW after the rumble he finally speaks and reveals why he's back. To claim what's rightfully his.
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    I think it's this too. Love it.
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    Agreed. I think this will happen too. WWE.COM have finally acknowledged the vignette's and the girl inside them, so this angle definitely isn't over. Most of us were pissed last night that he didn't speak, but I think once we understood the angle we all felt it was genius.
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    Yeah, it's either genius or absolutely terrible. But I think most of us know he's going to be a heel, thank god for that.
  6. I'd definitely prefer him as a heel, I suppose he's going to cost Punk and perhaps with with the GM?
  7. I'd rather have him feud with a guy like Cena, too bad he is busy with Kane now.
  8. Would like him to feud with CM Punk, keeping Punk on RAW and him to be heel but more heel than his last time round.
  9. Feuding with Cena would be dumb and really random. I don't wanna see Cena beat him again like he did in 08 Survivor Series.
  10. Why Cena? The promos wouldn't be as good as Punk vs Jericho would be, and there's no reason for Cena to get attacked. Jericho will be attacking Punk for the "Best in the world" spot.

    Who do you want heel, Punk or Jericho?