How would you book "Kane"?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tzesi, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Dunno exactly, but I would have him to dominate everyone and then having in a really nice feud with HHH/Undertaker or any other veteran.

    I would love to see things we saw in his feud with Shane McMahon.

    So how would you book him?
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  2. I would make him do the Santino Trombone while he does his entrance.
  3. HHH would bury Kane as he's the most egotistical man in WWE. So no no there. He's feuded with Taker already in 2010, and Taker put him over. If we're talking right now, I'd do what they're doing, use him to dominate Cena (which makes him the biggest heel in WWE) and use that to turn Cena heel. After that's done, I'd then put him against Punk perhaps. Punk by this time would be the biggest face in WWE, so then I'd use Kane to dominate him at 2 PPV's and then have a "Winner stays on RAW" match, and Punk wins sending Kane to SmackDown. Just off the top of my head, the last sentence or two I probably could do better.

  4. I always wanted to see Taker vs Kane again.Maybe a feud leading to a "buried alive match".Does PG allow that?
  5. Okay, Maybe they do. Just don't wanna see it again.
  6. They had one in 2010 I think.

    Yeah here it is :

    Can't find the first part it's blocked most of the time.
  7. Maybe if it was a last match for them both it could work. Kayfabe brothers retiring together with one last match.

    That video just reminds me of how good Nexus was, and how WWE completely ruined it.
  8. Nexus was dead the first week or Summerslam.
  9. The first week? Their debut is one of the best in WWE history.

    Even after the summerslam burial it could have been fixed.
  10. They released Daniel Bryan, it took away from it.
  11. I'm not sure they could be. How can anyone take a group seriously after the leader taps out?
  12. Good booking. Simple answer :emoji_slight_smile:.
  13. If they had good booking then Nexus wouldn't have lost though.
  14. Good booking is having CM Punk win at Money in the Bank. Bad booking is Nexus losing to Team SuperCena.
  15. True, but bad booking is fixable with good booking.

  16. How would you fix it then? I really can't think of a way tbh.
  17. i like to see kane vs jericho with steph

    but chris vs punk for wm for sure
  18. Definitely Chris vs Punk for WM. I wouldn't mind Kane vs Jericho (with Steph) but who would be the heel?
  19. It wouldn't work, one would need to be a face and I highly doubt Jericho is going face.
  20. shoot him and hit him with a chair