How would you book Kane's one last run!


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Apr 4, 2014
So this is the scenario, you have one WWE year (so WM to WM)

How would you book Kane's one last run? Would you make him a champion? Would you have him falter? Would you make him come [HASHTAG]#OUTTANOWHERE[/HASHTAG] or have a slow burn?

My idea is pretty much, RAW after WM, Roman Reigns is champion, after he beat Brock Lesnar and as he's doing his big dog in the yard thing. The lights go out, a voice over the comms say something to the sound of 'Did you think I forgave you for what you did to my brother?'

And then flames from the ring post and an old familiar and striking tune comes over the system with hellfire decorating the tron.

It keeps going on and on and Roman looks around waiting for Kane.

But nothing happens.

Fast forward to Payback, Roman is about to win the match and hits the spear and ref starts to count 1-2-

Lights go out again, this time the light comes back on with Kane in the ring with his OLD SCHOOL attire because fuck it the other ones were shit.

He grabs Roman and chokeslams him onto the mat, after which he does his Hand fire taunt thing and ring posts light up.

Payback ends with Kane holding the title.

For Next PPV, Roman calls Kane out and they feud for the title in which Kane wins after a brutal match.

Kane is WWE champion, and defends against Roman and Seth and all that jazz with Summerslam, we have The Demon King facing him the match itself is very close with Balor undefeated as the demon vs Kane who hasn't lost a step since his return.

The match looks like it could go either way when Bray Wyatt gets involved, costing Finn the match.

Finn and Wyatt feud and Kane is feuding with someone else.

Royal Rumble, Reigns comes out at 29. There's Jericho, Randy Orton and some more people in the ring and reigns just clears them out, the boos are raining down on reigns (see what i did there?) and finally Reigns and Orton are locked in a slugfest when the countdown for 30 comes up.

Roman throws Orton against the ropes and spears him, sending Orton over the top as the countdown reaches Zero and without any music or anything.

A simple 'I'm here' is heard over the sound system and the lights go out and come back, but this time Roman has his back turned to Wyatt who has appeared out of nowhere and throws Roman right out of the ring.

Wyatt is winner, Kane is champion.

Wrestlemania 35 (i guess)

Kane and Wyatt in a buried alive match, Kane gets buried alive and bray wyatt FINALLY has his WM moment.

Kane the monster, is never seen again.

What do you think? Did you even read it? You did? geez you're bored son!

How would you book, I know there are some Kane fans here I know of so tagging Grievous II Grievous II because I know you're a Kane man. And I remember @Solidus being one too.

Grievous II

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Sep 30, 2016
Classic Kane is one...if not my all time favorite wrestling character
and Glen Jacobs is a legend.

Thanks for the tag RedDwarfTechy RedDwarfTechy much as I like Kane...his time is over and I don't think he
needs a "final run" final appearance...during a very special
kind of match would work for me.

I'd have Finn Balor (in Demon King make up) fighting *Insert name here*
for the Universal or World title in a Hell in a Cell match...Balor being the
face and his opponent being the heel.

Towards the end of the match a couple of *Insert description here* appear
from under the ring and Balor is attacked 3 (or more) on 1...

Then it goes dark...and that classic theme music begins as the arena glows
with red light.

BOOM!!! The Pyro and music explode as his classic old
school get up storms to the ring. He rips the door off the cell and then
takes down the extra men allowing Finn to score the win and claim the

Kane leaves the cell (possibly dragging the cell door behind him) allowing
Finn to have moment as Glen Jacobs finally retires and is never seen in a
wrestling ring again.

I mean...this is total fanboy booking...but that's the idea right?

Also...this brings up post 3001 for me...and what a thread to make it in.

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