How would you book Lesnar's return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, May 27, 2015.

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  1. Well anyone can tell you that the Main Event of Summerslam is going to be Lesnar vs Rollins for the championship. But how would you book the return of lesnar?

    Would you just let him come out and tear the place apart until he gets his title match or face a superstar on Raw or Battleground to become #1 Contender?
    :brockderp:How about this for a suggestion Lesnar wins MITB! :brockderp:
  2. Well I really think I would focus on the dominance of the Authority. Make Rollins take Ambrose down with his cronies. Make sure this happens again against both his June and July opponents. Throw in some title defenses on Raw. Have a lot of interference and a lot of unfair actions by the Authority.

    After the July PPV have Lesnar appear at the appropriate moment to scare the shit out of Rollins. Have hom lay out the entire Authority as only Lesnar could do.

    Now regarding his suspension and getting his title shot, I'm not sure MITB is the way to go, although it would be interesting. Maybe a blackmail or a threatening angle such as Rollins did with Edge to get the Authority back.

    How about offering Lesnar the title shot but putting him through some way overdone gauntlet. But rather than making it look like he might lose, let him plow through with ease. Make it look as scary as possible for Rollins come Summerslam.

    I dunno. My ideas probably stink but I tried.
  3. I like this Idea. It would also put in perspective how different Bork is from every other challenger Rollins has ever faced.
  4. booking bork is easy. Bork Smash
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  5. Bork is the new undertaker. He's a phenom, whenever he shows up, shit goes down. As the guy above me said, Bork smash. That's essentially how you need to book him. Arrive, wreck, leave.

    How to book Bork vs Rollins is a whole other ball game, because I don't see them putting the belt back on Bork just yet. They'll have to dig deep into the Ric Flair bag of tricks for this one
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  6. If they go this route(and they probably will), I at least hope they are going to make seth look clever, instead of just spoiled. I'm a little tired of Triple H being the master-mind behind every seth rollins dirty victory
  7. Is he really? That's not really the impression that I get. Especially since Hunter has only been on TV for what, 2 weeks since mania. Rollins is a slimey piece of trash who sneaks out by the skin of his teeth.

    Rollins = Flair
    Authority = Horsemen,
    Ambrose/Reigns = Dusty.

    At least that's how I see it.
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  8. WHAT IF

    Reigns wins MITB then cashes it in during the Summerslam ME of Rollins vs Bork to win the title by pinning Rollins

    idk lol
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  9. Well, It's more because whenever I see J&J or kane interfering, I see them as only there because the authority said so, not because Rollins has some sort of sway on them or whatever, as opposite to how flair was booked.
  10. Lol, weird fantasy booking, but It would really be fitting, and I would legit feel bad for brock's character after being screwed this bad twice
  11. Only problem is it could be telegraphed that his cash in would mirror Seth's if he had the briefcase and that ME was set up
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  12. Except for cashing it in during the main event of Summerslam (Reigns would almost certainly announce ahead of time that he's entering himself into the match so that they can promote it as a triple-threat match for weeks), this is probably how they're currently planning for it to go down.
  13. Since the word on the street is he'll wrestle/appear at Battleground, just have him maim Big Show and Kane there.
    That'd be a stipulation for SummerSlam, if he isn't able to defeat Show and Kane in a handicap match, then he won't be facing Rollins for the title at SS.
  14. I wouldn't feel bad for Lesnar. I'd feel bad for both Reigns and Rollins after both getting one over on Brock. If they thought his previous rampage was something... after this, the two would have to hide in Tibet.
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