How would you book Punk & Jericho?

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  1. Many people have different opinions here. But would be good to see some input here :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. One ups-man-ship

    One guy wrestles a match and the other watches on the screen in the back...

    The guy wrestles and throws his arms up towards to titantron and almost gets rolled up for pin

    Every week they try to out do each other in the ring

    They don't touch each other until a week or two before Mania where the do unscripted heated promos on the other
  3. I'd have them trade pot-shots but no official contact (matches and the like) until the Elimination Chamber.

    Have Punk be one of the first two out in the EC and have Jericho be he last one out of his pod. Have Punk do the biggest portion of the work in the match but Jericho takes him out when they're the last two in the match, giving Jericho the title going into Wrestlemania.

    Again, between EC and Mania, the two should have no more than one one-on-one match, which should end in a Punk victory by DQ or count-out. Other than that, limit their physical confrontations. I know there will have to be the standard tag team matches (Punk and Sheamus vs. Jericho and Bryan for example), but otherwise have them stay basically hands-off.

    Then let them cut loose and give them 30 to 45 minutes at Mania and Punk needs to win the title back. Then I'd draft Jericho over to Smackdown.


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  4. I would make them hug and work it out.
  5. Decent suggestions thus far, I'm especially liking the one when they one-up each-other because I strongly think this should be played as "best in the world vs best in the world" match. It'd get Punk over more that way in my opinion, don't want it as a typical WWE title match, this feud could go much further than that.

    It's hard to book it without knowing how long Jericho is going to be back for and what type of gimmick he has. All we know thus far is there's a "she" (Steph likely) and it's a dark sort-of gimmick where phrases like "it'll be the end of the world as you know it" are often said. Presuming it's Steph I'd most likely do this. Jericho carries on his lonely appearances but this time will cut promos. Eventually it leads to the reason why yhe beat down Punk, and who the "she" is. Steph returns and is the women who has been receiving Johnny Ace's texts. She takes control of RAW and is using Jericho as her tool to get the title (where she'll be more protected from getting booted out of power, that way if she gets fired the title comes with her) and Jericho using her as the power he needs to get the title & his rightful place as best in the world.

    With Steph in control, you don't see Jericho compete once. You only see cheap-shot attacks & further trolls. EC comes & he wins, again, not competing much at all. Punk is first one out, lasts through all the stars. Jericho comes out and finishes off a very tired & overworked CM Punk. This way Punk's protected from looking weak, and Jericho still looks strong beating Punk clean. As champion Jericho starts to address Punk. They go at it week after week on the mic with let's face it, probably promo-of-the-year material. The match becomes official at WM, best in the world vs best in the world. Perhaps, if Jericho is leaving after WM then it'll be a loser leaves WWE match or something. Each week they compete with randoms and really try to impress each-other for that best in the world phrase.

    At WM odds are stacked against Punk as Steph and Ace running RAW keep trying to perhaps get him injured or something. Make it so Punk is the REAL underdog so when he leaves WM as champion it's epic. If Jericho is staying until Summerslam, I'd make Jericho retain at WM with HHH coming down and costing Punk the match turning mega-heel. Now you have HHH, Steph, Ace and Jericho running RAW as the conspiracy all along, perhaps Nash returns into the stable. Punk as the anti-establishment sort of guy is the guy to take them down. He goes over the likes of Jericho & HHH clean (yes Hunter, you're going to lose a match clean with my booking you egotistical ****) and becomes a super-face. During his next reign he changes the championship look, goes back to Mr Attitude & keeps rebelling against authority.
  6. This storyline makes sense, which is why WWE would ditch it

    Remember when Jeff Hardy was attacked in a stairwell?

    TNA had just released Christian and everything was tying together logically

    We were psyched for a Christian/Jeff feud

    WWE realized we had the forsight and gave us a Matt/Jeff jealously angle instead
  7. So true. I often think when WWE "swerve" the IWC (because the IWC predicts their story-lines) it never turns out well. I'd rather a predicted story-line like the conspiracy angle getting put into effect with a Jericho rumble win, than HHH flaunting his power and putting Sheamus as the victor as a "surprise" for us. I swear he was 2nd favourite anyway.

    Meh, one day WWE won't drop the ball on epic story-lines. If I had it my way, we'd have Nexus around still.
  8. I think they will have a Wrestlemania feud with Jericho as the WWE Champion.Maybe after the whole rivalry, Jericho will fight with Orton because Orton's the one who took Jericho out in the first place.
  9. I think Jericho is leaving WWE after this feud unfortunately :emoji_slight_frown:

  10. That's if he doesn't win at WrestleMania.
  11. He seems to be leaving regardless. So I doubt they'd book him to win.
    You might want to make an intro thread also.
  12. Yeah. If he wins at WM then he'll continue feuding with Punk until Summerslam I think with a big story-line like the conspiracy angle. It won't be clean over Punk, Punk's being built as a new Stone Cold I think.

    Even then, if he stays until Summerslam he won't feud with Orton. Fozzy (his band) is on another world-wide tour or something.
  13. The way I would book this is to keep having Jericho attack Punk and make them not talk with each other so far until after elimination chamber. Jericho wins the elimination chamber in some sort of screwjob by "she". Than for the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, Unveil the secrets behind Jericho's return and enhance the Punk/Jericho feud. Since I Extreme Rules is in Chicago, I am hoping Jericho/Punk fight again at that PPV so I can see it there live :emoji_grin:
  14. I hope Jericho stays after Mania' and continues the feud, Jericho/Punk in Chicago could be incredible! When is WM again btw? April sometime? Month+ of build up, imagine the promos between Jericho & Punk.

    You're so lucky to be able to go to Chicago and watch a PPV. I envy you! :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Yeah well I just really want to meet CM Punk, Chris Jericho, and John Cena. I would do anything to meet them my top 3 inspirations.

    Or else Yeah I'm probably going to go to Extreme Rules this year and It will be incredible if they continue the feud to Extreme Rules.

    Or else word is that Jericho is most likely going to leave after Summerslam :emoji_slight_frown:

    But Jericho has said he will come back and He doesn't want to stay for a short time when he comes back so I expect only his big FEUD to end at Summerslam.
  16. Those would be the three I'd want to meet too, though Miz is pretty close, he's apparently a really nice guy. Punk can be a bit of a dick to people.

    Extreme Rules is normally quite a crap PPV to be honest, but if it's in Chicago something big might be planned, they tend to accommodate for that crowd since they're incredibly loud.

    Jericho once said years ago he wanted to leave WWE as an after thought, not some big send off. Not sure if another troll, but that has me worried.
  17. You can say that about CM Punk but hey If I barely had enough sleep was always traveling, I would be kind of grumpy but these guys are still nice to their fans. Besides, most people are mistaken as Dicks when they speak their minds. Or else CM Punk is a chill guy.
  18. I've never met the guy so I can't judge really, just read reports of fans who've met him. They all love the guy but said he could perhaps be more friendly to his fans lol. But hey, I don't hate Punk for being like that, I'd rather him be himself instead of fake.
  19. Exactly. Its people like Punk that aspire people to just be themselves.
  20. From what I've heard it's people who disrespect him that he's a dick to.