WrestleMania how would you book rock/cena angle ?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by ukwwefan2012, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. personally, i think wrestlemania was a really good show. the three matches (streak,wwe,cena/rock) were amazing. hhh vs taker is now my favourite match of all time and a candidate for best match of all time. every single aspect was perfect, fro j.r's commentary to hbk being the ref to the constant near falls. 5* from me. that is why i love wrestlnig and will probably always be a wrestling fan.

    onto the main topic i wanted to talk about, i was suprised that rock beat cena seeing as cena had more to loose. were does cena go from here? in my opinion, the match was great (not as good as taker/hhh) and i didnt mind too much who won as long as it made sense and was a good match. what i want to know is how would you guys books theese two guys from this point on. would you make a rematch, heel turn, annythig you want. let me know guys because i enjoy hearing other peoples opinions. as for me, i have no clue.

    also, thanks to everyone who welcomed me to the site over the last two days, i am new to the site and appreciated the warm welcome :emoji_slight_smile: i might not post as much as other ppl on this site as i am still young and have school work to do most of the time, but i will certainly try to interact as much as i can :emoji_slight_smile:
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