How would you book SmackDown?

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  1. There's no doubt SmackDown is the B show, how would you book it though? I understand the ratings are significantly lower mainly because it's not live, so people read the results online and don't watch the show. Plus, it's on a Friday.

    I'd move SmackDown to Thursdays (if it has to remain taped), and to Tuesdays if they can make it live weekly (or thursdays, live is better). I'd then have a new look, the theme is childish, the layout of the show screams PG. I'd make it more black, a harder rock song for the intro and make the show more edgy.

    I'd bring back the hardcore championship belt, making it a main thing for SmackDown but also makes appearance on RAW occasionally. If they won't because of PG, bring back Cruiserweight title and do the same. I'd concentrate on the main event storylines just like they do on RAW. Perhaps have a conspiracy angle on SmackDown, or someone tampering with Teddy Long. Maybe have a run-over storyline, just make things interesting.

    I'd drop Big Show down to midcard with Sheamus currently, to boost it further. Keep Orton and Barret in the main event with Henry and Cody Rhodes. I'd concentrate on the tag team division aswell on SmackDown and RAW personally. I'd give epico & primo more matches with Uso's, Air Boom, and perhaps bring up some other tag team talents.

    What would you do?
  2. I happen to like SmackDown more than RAW at this time maily because of Mark Henrey and Randy Orton. I happen to like them both. I think SmackDown would do better live on a Tuesday night,
  3. Make the show rating TV-MA S , only PPV and making Orton and Rhodes to have sex.
    Seriously though the show and WWE need to be TV-14 or TV-MA.Then I would make great matches and Kofi Kingston in every show lol.
  4. Yeah I said that should change to a more heavy show with better fighting.
  5. Lol ^^. Henry is now buried GAF :emoji_slight_frown:. He's injured so meh.

    Don't know if it's possible to have one WWE brand TV-14 for example, without the WWE looking bad. Who knows.
  6. I'd build smackdown around Sheamus , Orton , Bryan , Clay , Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. They would be my smackdown 6 so to speak. Every main event would involve a combination of this 6. Focus the show on wrestling mainly.

    For the mid-card I'd reinstate the crusier-weight title after unifying the intercontinental and US titles over on Raw. The division wouldn't really have much to do with heel and face alignments but rather about just putting on the most entertaining matches each week. The major players would be Sin Cara , Trent Barretta , Hunico, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Tyson Kidd and Christian as the veteran of the group when he wasn't in the main event plus people like Bryan and Cody could drop down whilst not main eventing for a set period of time.

    The tag team divison would be built around The USO's , KOW (if hero gets signed ) and Hawkins and Rexs.

    Most of the larger guys who aren't mentioned such as Henry, Dibiase and Zeke would be moved to raw or future endeavored.
  7. Would definitely unify them on RAW. Good idea there. Completely spot on with the crusierweight division. I'd include eipco & Primo and Air boom, the more tag teams the better. I'd build it around Air Boom or KOW since they're more marketable, and have more personalities.

    I'd never future endeavour Henry though, I'd move him to RAW so he can be the RAW monster (with Kane I suppose). Dibiase would be a superstars wrestler from now on, and only used in like battle royals, royal rumbles etc. Zeke can just go. Tatsu and them lot can go too.
  8. I knew I had forgotten about a tag team with Air Boom lol. Hasn't Henry said he's retiring in about 2012 anyway? Agreed on Dibiase aswell I can't see him being released purely for his surname. Yoshi I'd release but I do think they could do with a big Japanese star such as Kenta to aid relations over there. I know they won't surpass the big Japanese companies but I think his style could get over huge given the correct push.
  9. Don't know about Henry, could do considering they like to give their loyal stars one more run which Henry just had before retiring. I didn't see him say it though. Yeah his surname will keep him there, and besides, WWE needs jobbers. I agree, a Japanese wrestler with a good style, but can actually speak and has a personality. I don't think generic Japanese karate-style wrestlers who don't speak are going to be a success in WWE.
  10. I could actually see Kenta get over as the silent destroyer with a strong heel manager such as Cole just have him over perform people in the ring as he learns the language.
    If he was allowed to use half the moves in this video with the same intensity he could be huge.

  11. Yeah he does seem pretty good, but he could only perform those moves against the likes of Tyson Kid etc. But with Cole managing him he could work yeah, especially if they brought back cruiser weight title. That's when he could really be a star.
  12. I would get rid of the Long-Askana segments for one.
    I skip them because they're so fucking corny and it sickens me the fact they treat Long as a perv.
  13. I'd rather see him perv up some unknown Diva than *ARRIVE, TAG TEAM MATCH, LEAVE* lol.
  14. This aswell what does Teddy really do anyway besides arrange tag team matches and send the weekly jobber to Sheamus / Orton?
  15. Uhm, not much ^
    Haha :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. Well he was attempting to arrange a handicap match of himself vs the bellas at TLC so at least thats something.
  17. Lmao.

    I despise Teddy's character atm.
  18. Same ^
    Remember when they had the wedding storyline between Vickie/Edge and he 'died' rofl.
  19. Lmao need to install a facepalm emoticon for that storyline lol.