How would you book Steen in NXT?

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  1. So with the news of Steen signing up with the Big leagues out of the way. Let's get on to the fun/juicy stuff.

    How would you book his NXT run? How would you introduce him to the Full sail faithful? Heel, babyface, gimmick etc etc.

    Shoot ideas, bounce them off of each other. Come up with how you'd introduce the package piledriving brawler to the WWE.
  2. You know, Steen and Full Sail will be epic. Steen's crowd interactions are boss, and Full Sail is boss, so that'll be a win. I'm really not sure to be honest with you whether I'd go heel or babyface here. I kinda want heel so we can have that Generico feud, but other than that, I would just let him be himself. He doesn't need a wacky gimmick or anything, they just have to pick heel or face and tell him to be the appropirate Steen. May come in as the vicious brawler or as the more laid-back version, depends. I'd be fine with either. As far as who he works with first it depends, could be Zayn to get it off to a great start, I also picture him making fun of Breeze to be entertaining so there you go. If he's coming in as a heel I guess we could start with Zayn and have him take the belt from Neville afterwards.
  3. Definitely as a heel. If Zayn is called up as been reported then I'd put him in a program with Kalisto. We all know Steen is great against a high flying opponent. It'd be a great way for both of them to shine in front of the suits.
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  4. Let him work and allow the crowd to choose how to book him.
  5. He'll do great, regardless of how they book him.
  6. Unstoppable machine. Give him a streak ala Goldberg.
  7. ^^ Let's not exaggarate, lol
  8. I just want a new streak
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  10. Who doesn't? It's just not possible in this day and age in WWE. He might get the Bo Dallas streak, though. That's still something.
  11. TBH when Zayn didn't have a partner in the tag tournament I was like 'Let Steen do it!", but I think I was a little premature
  12. Seen some of this in ROH it's really funny and awesome.
  13. So wrong
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  14. lol why?
  15. If they book him to look like a tool, people will know he's a tool.
    This isn't RoH where basic booking 101 makes a guy look strong.
    In WWE, basic booking 101 makes you look like a f***ing clown in a circus. 'Give Steen a quarter so he can dance for you' type of booking.
  16. Steen'll do great. Just wait and see.
  17. I do think Steen will do great because WWE knows what they have in their hands and will book him properly, but yes, shoddy booking can kill almost any talent. Especially when they're not established yet.
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  18. Are you sure about that? Are we not forgetting Steen is below six foot, fat and is just reaching mainstream at 30 years of age?
    I understand the internet has allowed us to become familiar with him. It is more difficult to work in front of smaller crowds.
    He may just become another Raven, a guy with loads to offer but somebody sticks in mid-card forever.
    If durability becomes an issue you can definitely kiss stardom good bye.

    I don't buy Steen as an a**kicker, but HHH has to be convinced of it. Vince would be even harder, but he appears to have put that in HHH's hands. I don't believe HHH wants pudgy.
  19. Very good idea. How about Zayn and Rose take out Kalisto and Cara in the next round before The Vaudevillains take out Adam Rose in comical fashion, so Sami's stuck in a 1-on-2 situation until he can find a partner...
  20. Nice idea. But the tournament is already booked through.

    Personally I'd let Steen step into his old Anti christ persona in a sense, only mix it a bit with Raven.

    Set him up with a rival from his childhood that he can chase through NXT.
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