How would you book Taker's retirement?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by nWo, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. If you were the storyline writer how would you get rid of The Undertaker and don't just say the druids come, Paul Bearer, hell etc, etc.

    As we all know, Mark Callaway is getting old and must retire soon, but the character Undertaker is a legend. My idea would be this.:
    Taker wins at WM, but cannot stand on his feet after the match. Yes, like the last one. A week before Survivor Series, Paul Bearer comes with a younger guy dressed like Undertaker and say that as the current Undertaker is too weak now, his time is up and it is the time for new Undertaker to come. The current Taker comes out and says that he still has it in him. So it is set for SS - Undertaker vs Undertaker - Buried Alive match. Before the match, Paul Bearer explains why Undertaker always comes out after being buried - he can only be buried for good if the urn is also buried along with him. The new Undertaker wins the match, and buries the old Undertaker along with the urn. There we have it - We have a new Undertaker and Mark Callaway can retire happily.
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  2. He stays undefeated at Wrestlemania. after maybe two more years, when he hits 22-0 he says he retires, and he goes into a coffin and they bury him underground.
  3. No one should take over the Undertaker mantle from Mark when he retires. That would be like pissing on Marks legacy. "Oh now that you are retiring we are giving your name, record and legacy to this young guy is that okay plx kthnxbai". Mark is Undertaker and Undertaker is Mark. He perfected that character for over two decades. When Mark retires so does the Undertaker.
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  4. The lack of smilies and "lols" did not make my parody obvious enough, apologies.
  5. Is it just me who loves the idea in the OP then?
  6. Unless it was Mark's son or something I'd be horrified.
  7. I don't think there's a better thank you to Mark than letting someone continue the best gimmick in history. Or perhaps have something similar where another capable superstar with the "super natural" gimmick overcomes Taker. But have it as Taker almost letting him win, wanting him to take the mantle. It wouldn't be a new Undertaker but it'd be a new super natural gimmick which imo needs to live on. It's hard enough building a new super natural gimmick in modern WWE with modern day fans but it works because it's Taker, for it to continue working you need Taker to put that guy over.

    Or people could see that as a massive rip off and too big a risk. Either way, I'm in love with that gimmick and will be sad if it has to end. Though Taker's son continuing the gimmick sounds like pure win.
  8. Just me who hates Takers gimmick then? The whole supernatural shit is horrible IMO, a great performer but shooting lightning and what not screams B movie horror crap to me.
  9. I personally was never a great fan of Undertaker's gimmick, I just think he played the role of it beautifully.

    Besides, those kind of gimmicks seem to be outdated these days.

    Edit - No Seabs it isn't just you!
  10. Classic modern day WWE fan -.-!!

    I don't see why it can't work, if we can believe in a little people's court than why not this? WWE is (imo) an alternate world, it's like watching family guy and believing Peter Griffin is in trouble. Bad example but who cares?

    If you take away unrealism in professional wrestling you'll just get a bunch of half naked wrestlers with oil pretending to get hit.
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  11. I honestly can't even think of a better gimmick than Taker's?...
    It has brought many a great storyline over the years that all work really well.
  12. But when you have all these real life shoots nowadays it's harder to separate it from real life.

    The fact of the matter is supernatural gimmicks don't get over with the fans these days. Undertaker was a legend so obviously he's a different case.. but I don't think anyone new could make it work anywhere near as well as he did.

    People like the ascension are the closest we're going to get to this sort of thing, and they aren't over the top.
  13. LOL at classic modern wwe fan, surely I can say the same about your hatred for Hogan? After all he was a back in the day performer. His gimmick doesn't fit in the modern age, somethings are overly cartoonish, his is one. Wrestling is an alternative universe, but fans complain our intelligence is being insulted and scream for a more mature product yet they support this? A man in eyeliner shooting lightning, oh yeah the guy is a dead zombie also. You can have an unrealistic gimmick just as long as it isn't over done which Taker's is.
  14. Reading the OP and I really do like the style of thinking, it sounds like it would be a great match, especially for a PPV. But, and this is a big but, I have one major flaw in the idea, and that is nobody, and I mean nobody should replace The Undertaker, whether you like him or not, no body who follows WWE can deny that he is a legend, and a legend in my opinion can never, and should never ever be replaced.
  15. What's your evidence to how this won't get over with the modern audience? All the casuals react to Taker, is this because they think "Oh he's a legend so this works you know, it's Mark guys, we need to approve this." or because it's actually a fucking interesting gimmick? Not sure how Hogan got involved, I hate the person, I've never bagged on Hogan the character. I hate HHH personally, but is he one of the greatest heels of all time? :yes:

    I'm not asking for an OTT Undertaker character where he transports into the ring and shit like that. I'm just saying supernatural gimmicks in general - Ascention is a great example. That's what I'm talking about. Would you not buy into a dark mysterious "spiritual" type character? A guy you could build as being a sick teenager who used to go around doing X, Y and Z to the other kids? Serious question, because personally I'd find that pretty awesome though I'm a huge fan of Sci-Fi stuff.
  16. I like the idea of the teenager gimmick as well. Even Ambrose could be used as another example though that is stretching it a little.

    My problem is with the totally unrealistic stuff, the shitty eyeliner, the tacky long ass entrance, the supernatural pish, there's no way anyone else could get over with anything like that at all.
  17. Mordecia and the Boogeyman are examples of supernatural shit not working. They were too much in your face, whilst looking around for various supernatural gimmicks I found this interpretation of Taker's gimmick which actually made me see things a different way with him. He's playing a man, who's playing the undertaker to intimidate his opponents. The extra layer explains a lot actually.

  18. That's personally how I've saw the Undertaker but only in recent years. I was a belieber (made myself lol) that he had super powers when I was younger. But anyway, boogeyman was a great gimmick imo. That wasn't a supernatural gimmick was it? It was more psychotic/wtf. A lesser version of that is similar to Ambrose's Joker type gimmick.

    I'm personally a BIG fan of those gimmicks but that's because I'm fed up with the shit we're fed in WWE. Bray Wyatt's gimmick is an example of improvement, as is Seth Rollins'.
  19. [​IMG].
  20. Was waiting for someone to do that. That gimmick was awesome at first right? See how it was ruined by booking?
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