How would you book the WWE title from now until WM?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Leo C, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. I've seen lots of theories about what will happen with the WWE championship, CM Punk, Cena and Rock until WM 29. The only confirmed thing we have so far is that Rock will get a title shot at the Royal Rumble. So, if you were the booker, what would you do with the WWE title? We have Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series, TLC, Royal Rumble (Rock challenges), EC, and WM. Go.
  2. HIAC - Punk vs. Cena in Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship. Punk injures Cena and retains the title, continues the punishment after the match until Cena is rescued by Ryback.

    Survivor Series - Team Punk vs. Team Ryback in the main event. Punk and four heels against Ryback and four faces. Team Ryback wins with Ryback pinning Punk to be the sole survivor.

    TLC - Buoyed by his success against Punk, Ryback gets a shot at the WWE Championship. Punk and Ryback with good back-and-forth action. Punk beats him dirty but Ryback snaps and fights back after the match, leading to the arrival of Brock Lesnar, who knocks out Ryback (leading to Ryback-Lesnar at Royal Rumble).

    Royal Rumble - Punk vs. Rock ends with a clean Punk victory over the Rock after a strong back-and-forth match. Later, Cena wins the Rumble.

    EC - Punk, Cena, Ryback, Lesnar, Miz, and the returning Chris Jericho in the Elmination Chamber ends with Punk retaining by pinning Cena (who had just eliminated Lesnar, who had blown up and "taken him out" before leaving the Chamber).

    Wrestlemania 29 (I'll probably get heat for this, but, what the hell) - Punk vs. Cena (the Feud of 2012) for the WWE Championship. They pull out all of the stops and Cena forces Punk to tap out to the STF after a 45-minute match, becoming WWE Champion for the 572nd time.

    Punk would need to be moved away from the WWE Championship scene for a while. I would think a Punk-Orton feud for the WHC (I figure Ziggler will have won the title by then, but will probably lose it to Orton or Sheamus at Wrestlemania, hopefully Orton, although I don't like either of them really as faces). Meanwhile, the WWE Title scene now has Cena, Lesnar (who's supposed to be returning after Mania), Ryback, Miz, Jericho all in it.

  3. I like the idea except when Cena wins at WM29.
  4. Punk keeps it up until Survivor Series.
    John Cena will hold the belt from there til Royal Rumble.
    Rock takes it from Cena, but loses it to Punk in the Elimination Chamber.
    Punk vs Rock at Wrestlemania and Punk will win.
  5. To be honest, that's the part that was the hardest to write, but I do think it would be the best idea. Remember, the good guy does need to win in the end. Even George Lucas understands that (and he doesn't seem to know all that much about storytelling). Cena is the good guy and Punk is the bad guy. So, in the end, Cena has to win.

    Also, it frees Punk up to feud with other faces in the company. I figure they have Punk feud with Sheamus, Jericho, Ryback, etc., which he can do and put guys over and make guys look good without losing credibility. If Cena goes on a serious losing streak, he starts losing credibility by doing it. When Cena makes money, it's good for the WWE and it's good for the guys in the WWE.

    That's just the reality we live in.

  6. If Punk actually won at Mania, it would mean that they have faith in him.
    I think Cena is at a point where Win/Loss does not matter.
    He's one of WWE's best merchandise seller and he probably won't lose credibility because he'll always be in the Main Event.
    Sure he can win the Championship, but if he wins it at Mania it's clear that they don't rely on any other Superstar other than Cena.
  7. I'm way too lazy to give to much details of the time from now until the Rumble. Also, Ryback has not faced Punk during the time I'm kind of skipping over.

    Punk definitely keeps the belt going into the Royal Rumble. Having him lose and win it back before facing The Rock literally does no favors for anybody. And with the build up they've done for Rock/Punk, it makes no sense for him not to be the one entering the Rumble with the belt.

    Also during that time, the Triple H/Brock Lesnar feud would start up again, in time for Survivor Series. Which would preferably involve a Team Heyman vs. Team Trips/WWE/some BS name, which would include Punk & Lesnar on Team Heyman & Triple H & Cena on Team Trips, plus give or take three others per team. I'm normally against the WWE Champion not defending on PPVs he competes at but this match has the potential to be amazing and more so than that has the potential to draw huge and have one of the best buyrates of the year.

    Anyway, at the Rumble I know one thing for sure, CM Punk beats The Rock. No matter how often I play this scenario in my head, the result is always Punk beating The Rock. It just makes the most sense, and it's best if it's by controversial ways. Cena wins the Rumble in one of the two scenario's I'd book, in the other Ryback wins it.

    At the Chamber, regardless of who wins the Rumble I'd book CM Punk vs. Rock vs. Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker. Cena has chosen to cash in his Rumble shot earlier before. Anyway, this will be awesome for buyrates and such for obvious reasons but it'll also be awesome because it has previous build of Punk/Rock, Punk/Cena, Rock/Cena, Triple H/Lesnar, & arguably Triple H/Taker. Now from here you can book towards so many things but the two things that will definitely be established here are Punk will be going into WrestleMania as WWE Champion still & Lesnar vs. Taker will be set up for the Chamber. I know the deal with Taker wrestling, so chances are he'll be attacked pre-match by Lesnar or will only wrestle a few minutes in the Chamber, being dominate until Lesnar whoops his ass and doesn't stop after beating him. I prefer the latter but it doesn't really matter which was is used.

    So now, we've got two places to go. In scenario one (Cena's rumble win), we go to book Punk vs. Rock vs. Cena. Let's say Punk eliminates Triple H, & maybe Taker (with help from Lesnar) depending on how you'd chose to book that but Cena and Rock aren't eliminated by him. That way, they can still claim Punk has never truly beat them. Kind of paper thin but it's WWE so it'll work. Cena can win here by getting the fall over Rock I suppose. As much as I hate to say it, that's the most logical booking decision.

    The second scenario is Ryback goes after Punk at Mania, whilist Rock moves on to the World Champion, who'd be at the time storngly booked Dolph. Rock/Dolph is the match I most want to see out of the Rock, and I have a lot of reasoning behind it and dream booking but it's the wrong championship so I won't. But Ryback wins the title here. Seeds have been planted months ago at this point, like six months. Ryback should still be really over at that point, and Punk being the top heel of the company, the result of him losing to Ryback could lead to an incredible moment.

    One things for sure, it makes sense for Punk to lose at Wrestlemania. One of the longest WWE Championship reigns in the past decade or two, a top heel, losing it at the biggest stage of them all would be ideal. To me, the second scenario is preferably, would do a lot to solidify Ryback and WWE needs to solidify more top guys. Cena winning it again doesn't do much for him, though the victory against The Rock arguably does and the triple threat obviously would garner a bigger buyrate. Though with what I had booked for the previous PPV's, and Lesnar/Taker on the card I don't think they'd have to worry. Also, I don't think any of these are unrealistic of happening, granted I don't know how much Lesnar signed on for but I'd definitely work to sign him up for more.
  8. This works for me.
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