How would you break away Dolph Ziggler from AJ?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Since TLC, Dolph's had finally won the big one by defeating John Cena for his SmackDown World Heavyweight Championship Contract. The lame and useless part about that whole scenario is that he became paired up with AJ Lee. Another bad part about that is along the way he got paired up with Big E Langston as well.

    Before I get to my scenario on how Dolph Ziggler would be separated from AJ Lee and Big E Langston, I have some things to point out so I wouldn't need to make pointless threads when they can be pin pointed together.

    1) What was the purpose of removing Vickie from Dolph when he's going to be paired up with AJ Lee? They pretty much threw themselves at that one. As much as some of us hate Vickie, they threw away a Super Heel Magnet away from Dolph Ziggler and paired him up with AJ Lee. A psychotic character who gets decent amount of heat. In my opinion, when Vickie gained the authority figure on RAW, she should have had the same kind of role when she became SmackDown General Manager in 2007, when she paired herself up with Edge. A strong managerial role taking over the show and having her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler win the big one. After he'd lose the title, he can break away from her regardless of the situation.

    2) Why is AJ Lee being paired up with Superstars? Since her stint with Daniel Bryan she's been at least a bit enjoyable. She played a part on helping Daniel Bryan retain the world champion as well as helping him lose in 18 seconds. She went on to become stuck in a love triangle/square along side with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane. She ruined what could have been the match of the Year and gave little to no purpose in the entire match. The feud was being built around the WWE Championship with AJ trying to make it all about her. She then went on to become the General Manager of RAW and still for some absurd reason felt she needed to become attached to another wrestler. We had the John Cena bit which no one cared about and the part where she's back to where she started. The only difference is that she is a heel and has had character added to herself.

    Now onto my scenario on how Dolph Ziggler would break away from AJ Lee and Big E Langston.

    So as we know right now, Dolph Ziggler is your 2012 Smackdown Money in the Bank winner. In a few weeks, he goes on to cash-in his Money in the Bank successfully at either the night after Wrestlemania or Extreme Rules to win the World Champion. After winning the championship he becomes a bit cockier and says the usual he showed the world that he is capable of carrying the title with the big fishes. He's feuding currently with Alberto Del Rio, because technically Alberto can use his rematch clause. At the next PPV Ziggler retains the Championship by either DQ or distraction caused by AJ/Big E. Dolph gets happy that he retained, but at the same time regrets it. The next night on RAW or Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio calls out Dolph Ziggler for a rematch because he knows that he can't win without his sidekicks. Dolph accepts and they main event the show. Alberto Del Rio is about to go for his finisher, but again it ends in a DQ after AJ slaps Alberto Del Rio. Dolph gets mad and ask why she did that, as he claims he was about to win. He turns around to a huge clothesline from Big E Langston. Big E attacks him with his finisher and both AJ and Big E look down at Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler lying down. Next week, they come out to explain their actions and are rushed by a mad Dolph Ziggler who beats Big E down, thus turning him face.

    Kind of a long shot, but it sounds good to me. How would you break them up?
  2. I'm honestly stumped how to do this, logic dicatates you'd run the story you said but Big E is no where near ready for that yet and Ziggler can't afford to carry on the way he is for much longer, he needs to be solo. I suppose I'd go for a break up attack similar to yours around Payback time, give Big E a courtesy short there before he drops down to the midcard, AJ would be distraught between the two as they fight and get laid out by BIg E in an accidental collision before she's randomly brought back into a divas match vintage WWE style.
  3. If I may ask, why would AJ turn on Dolph for Big E Langston? Because he's big and stuff?

    I see Big E Langston turning face before I see Dolph Ziggler turning face. Something like Virgil back in the day breaking away from Dibiese, except Big E is a lot bigger and more imposing. Imagine a scenario where Ziggler wins the belt, keeps it for however long, and then when the time comes for him to lose it, it's Langston who accidentally hits him and costs him the belt. Ziggler slaps him in the face the next night and Langston lays him out. He then just stands over him shaking his head (as if to pity him for slapping him) while AJ attends to her unconscious boyfriend, and then she stands up and slaps Langston as well. So, he slams her as well to a big pop. Official face turn.

    (Oh wait, this was about Ziggler and AJ breaking up.)

    Some months after this happens, perhaps Ziggler eventually starts to tease a face turn. He eventually dumps AJ for some reason. No idea why, but it's the way I see it going down. Unless they have AJ 'come to her senses' and dump him instead, making her the face and keeping Ziggler the heel. I could see her slapping him into a roll up by his opponent, causing him to lose a big match. Another way is to have the ref knocked out during a big match that Ziggler is involved in. AJ comes in pretending to help Ziggler, but then kicks him right square in the nuts instead and leaves him behind to lose the match.
  4. Because AJ is technically the one who brought in Big E Langston.
  5. Shoot her in the head so that she never ruins another feud, angle, or superstar ever again.
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  6. Costs him some match accidentally and he breaks up with her, good enough for me. Big E can go back down to NXT.
  7. Damn, I was somewhat close in a way.
  8. lol, Lockard had Big E turning face via destroying AJ. Brilliant
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