How would you de-throne Ace?

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  1. I know it's something we don't want to see - but one day it has to happen, how are you going to de-throne the master that is Johnny Ace? :ace:

    I have a feeling they'll have Teddy Long do it :upset:
  2. Stephanie can do it for me. Loved it when she was in charge.
  3. I can see it happening in multiple ways. And apart from the obvious two superstars to be apart of this (Punk and Cena whom will be kicking asses, insulting mothers and pissing on corpses) I see two other wrestlers that could play big parts here. Ryder and the Miz. Here me out here.

    Ryder was the guy to get pinned in the WM match. Obviously he will want to get retribution, make up for his failure and put this behind him.
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    This can be done by opposing Ace in his efforts to tighten his iron fist on the WWE and fighting his stooges throughout this feud. He starts of with the less credible ones, say Otunga and McCintyre. And then works himself up through Swagger, Dolph, Miz and finaly Mark Henry (Henry being last due to his status as a dominant heel and shear size.) This last fight will then be some kind of handicap/stipulation match where Henry has Ace in his corner. Zack ultimately prevails either by winning clean or Ace attacks Ryder after beating Henry. When Ace is beating up on Ryder Vinnie Macs music hits and Vince comes out to reveal that He is reasserting control of the shows since Ryder has been feeding the board of directors info of Aces dirty business. That does not have to be how it ends but I see Vince coming out in someway and Ryder or someone else on team Teddy that isn't Santino could be the one to do the fighting. The reason for me picking Ryder is the fact that Ryder is over. Both with large parts of the IWC (no matter how much we want to deny it) and large parts of the casual crowd. He is a young face who could use the feud to establish himself as one of the big players in the upper mid card. He doesn't have to start feuding for the WHC or WWE championship but he will be solidified as one of those guys always up there in the upper mid card and ME. Plus it builds a new big face for the new generation. Something which is needed in a time ruled by Cena. Orton, Punk and Sheamus could use the backup considering how heel heavy WWE is right now. During the feud we could also see Ryder drop parts of his comedic character and maturing into a serious competitor. Evolving his party boy gimmick and maturing it. Allowing him to stay Zack Ryder and being able to relate to his past as a party dude but having grown out of it.

    The other guy to play a part here isn't even on team Teddy, but on team Johnny. I'm talking about the Miz.
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    Miz is the member of team Johnny that's been treated the worst by the rest of the team and by Ace himself. He had to fight his way onto the team whilst the rest of the members where handed their spots. He got the win for his team and has yet to see any kind of reward for it. Instead he seems to be shrugged of or even made fun of by his teammates and boss. This can be the basis of a Miz face turn. Miz isn't built like a typical heel, even though he is a master at collecting heat I think he could be a great face if given the chance. I see him as more of a Jericho or Edge face. Not all smiles and happiness but more fun loving and edgy. The plot would roll out similarly to the Ryder one and it would help legitimize Miz after his long loosing streak and put him over as one of the top faces in the company. Again this because I think he could be a great face and it would fill out the quota of heel contra face.

    These storylines could even develop next to each other. One unfolding on RAW and the other on SD. Even having the two teaming up from time to time. I imagine that a tag team with these two could be quite enjoyable to see.

    These are my two cents. Read and enjoy.
  4. When they feel his role has become tired or something, they'll probably just bring back Triple H and have him be the one to get rid of Laurantis somehow (and then put Triple H back in that position of power.)
  5. I would never dethrone Ace.
  6. :russo:
  7. Johnny to be given his termination papers in front of a live crowd I would mark out big time
  8. Who would you want to replace him?
  9. How about, HHH becomes heel, and teams up with Ace in the whole People Power era. You know how HHH is as a heel. WOOOO! Lovely..
  10. :cornette:
  11. I'm all for a HHH heel turn but it wouldn't work with him & Ace surely. There needs to be one guy with total power, and I'd rather watch Ace in that role than HHH. I'm all for HHH running a conspiracy corporate stable and putting Punk over or something - but we know that won't happen.
  12. HHH would be a decent GM if and this is a big if he would take the beatings Vince and Ace have. I can't see HHH letting someone call him a bitch without revenge can you?
  13. HHH would be an awful GM. He would be made to look like the toughest guy around still and he would kick everyone's ass who crossed him.
  14. Just a bit of trivia that may or may not been mentioned here before in another thread (I never saw it) but it turns out Laurantis was the Anonymous Raw GM all along. I doubt that was planned all along but he said (in character) on his twitter account about a month ago that he was the one.
  15. I wouldn't even dethrone him since he's just a great general manager. He's got all the tools.
  16. Got any proof/sources?
  17. If you wanna go through months worth of his tweets, maybe. I haven't seen it myself but others said he mentioned it on his twitter but I never cared to check but figured it was plausible enough to be true.
  18. Vince to return and put him in kiss my ass club then fire him
  19. Cba, I know he referenced it but he never said it WAS him, he simply hinted.
  20. I want Ace being dethroned when he feels like it. People Power!

    I think he's slowly going to turn into that VKM tweener character.
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