How would you end Truth/Miz?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. The feud is going no where, it's doing more harm than good in my opinion. Miz looks weaker and weaker every episode, the guy that gets the most heat (and is a proven draw) is looking worse than generic coward heels. Truth went from the crazy-funny heel that was getting insane heat/reactions due to hating on little jimmy's, to a guy that has turned to a "Let's listen to little jimmy's" gimmick. In a 4 week absence from RAW he's managed to keep the same gimmick but totally reverse it...
  2. I would potentially have them face at Wrestlemania in a street fight. R-Truth is a good wrestler, and he likes to take advantage of whatever he can. I think the street fight would end the feud, and I'm hoping that Kayfabe would let R-Truth win it, and Miz goes out on the "injured" list.

    I think that Johnny Ace will have a part in this as well though, since the Miz is always going to him complaining about not having enough protection.. But then again, Miz has completely turned that around, and is using that to his advantage.
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  5. Ugh I so hope it isn't WWE's plan for Miz at mania, facing Truth. I suspect you're right though. I wouldn't ever put R-Truth over Miz. Truth is old now (in real life) and Miz is the future. He's a great heel, if it's at Mania Miz has to go over Truth. If it's just for another couple of weeks I'd have Truth go over Miz but stays in the mid-card, and Miz propels back to the main event.
  6. Has Miz ever been a face? Besides his "Tough Enough" skit?
  7. He was when he guest-hosted SmackDown.
  8. Immediately end it. Just have Truth feud with Swagger, that's it. Boom. Done.
  9. It ended last night.
  10. I doubt it. The chance are it will continue in the Rumble.
  11. Truth going over Miz cleanly is just a joke.
  12. Oh no, I think that would be one of the most boring Street Fights ever. Let's these two go at it in a Tables or TLC match at least, keep it close to the ring.
  13. The only way that could happen is if they got rid of gimmick pay per views. Otherwise you've got a tlc then a ladder match probably at extreme rules then MITB. It's over kill.
  14. Or just end the feud now. It's painful.
  15. You know what, if they wanted to finish it on PPV. Wrestlemania would be the perfect time because neither man will be in a singles match at EC.. But if it continues where it's at, how many people would want to see it at Mania?

    I think the feud can get more interesting. Miz just needs to get the upperhand more.
  16. Agreed @[Straight Edge Spectacular]. Miz needs to get mic time, actually look good & a threat, and go on some winning streak. At the moment he's being buried like a worm (dunno if that makes sense) by Truth. Someone who's nearly 40 (or is 40+).

    The match itself isn't going to be good, so let Miz do his magic on the mic and actually make people want to see it.