How would you Fantasy Book Kurt Angle?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Fair Fight Wrestling, Jul 10, 2017.

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  1. How would YOU fantasy book Kurt Angle? Let me know!
  2. One match with Brock.
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  3. I wouldn't...

    I'd actually spend my time pushing and promoting the younger talent on the roster.

    Once Angle is finished his GM run I'd hire him to work behind the scenes in
    NXT/Developmental and pass on his knowledge and experience to the future
    stars of the WWE.

    I am not interested in part-timers and old awesome as Angle
    was back in the day...its 2017. There is no need for him to wrestle anymore.
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  4. Kurt Angle is all about creating moments. When he gives younger guys advice about their character he says it's all about creating moments people remember, not just matches
  5. And Angle has created enough "moments" in the WWE already.

    Perhaps let someone younger and more exciting have their moment.
  6. I think WWE have backed themselves into a corner bringing him back, because he is a wrestler, you can have him talk, be an authority figure and do "funny" backstage segments but at the end of the day people want to see him wrestle. I would've just made him manager/coach of American Alpha as it would've been believable and would've worked well together.

    That's all, because I really never think it's worth to bring back an in-ring worker like that as people want them to be as good as in their prime and he won't be.

    I guarantee he'll have a match with Triple H and it'll be his last match and lose to him for no reason, because it's not like Hunter needs the push. Then, in interviews down the road they'll try to pass it off like they thought it would be his last match.
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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  8. Um.... No they didn't. Daniel Bryan was brought back despite him being a wrestler.

    If you have the WWE Network, look for the Kurt Angle "24" documentary. Go.