How would you fix samoa joe.

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  1. [size=x-large]From The Isle Of Samoa ..The Samoan Submission Machine.....Samoa Joe[/size]

    In this thread I'll chronicle the rise of one of the most talented big men workers of this generation. Running through his debut, x division title run, Main event contender and WHC.


    A pretty solid match here showing Joe as the dominant monster he is.

    [size=x-large] Undefeated Streak and X-Division title contention [/size]

    This is one of the best matches in TNA history for me. Really quality finals match from the Christopher Daniels Invitational.

    Three of the biggest stars of the X division clash in this classic due to the shenanigans in the previous match listed. Joe's first title match in the company.

    The first title win for Joe look at the brutal.

    This run lasted until here were Joe lost the belt due to interference after matches with Daniels at final resolution and Sabu at Lockdown.

    Joe losing the title.

    [size=x-large]Feud with Angle [/size]

    This recap deserves it's own section for me it's a really great feud.

    The story is Joe stole the NWA title belt from Jeff Jarrett after beating him in a fans lumberjack match at No surrender 2006.

    Joe offered to give the belt back to Jarrett or his scheduled BFG opponent Sting providing they gave him a title shot. Yeah that didn't happen but this did.

    Someone try and convince me Joe didn't look bad ass with blood dripping over his face rising up behind Kurt.

    This lead to this 4* match between the two at genesis.

    So we've seen he can wrestle a good game but how about the promos?
    Scott Hall no showed a TNA event and Joe was given an open mic. I'd advise fans of the bad guy to avoid this.

    The angle feud carried on off for the next few years. Sadly this is the beginning of the end for Joe IMO. He should have won the belt in 2006 however it took till 2008.

    Joe went from this to this in 2009 :

    Yeah it kinda screams wrestlecrap doesn't it?

    He managed to have a decent match with AJ at AAO 2010 but the good moments were few and far between.

    Now he's been in a feud with Crimson and Matt Morgan after a green hornet inspired storyline vs the pope including it's own Okato.

    So the question is how would Samoa Joe be fixed if you were booking TNA or would you just kick him to curb and allow his fans to just watch the past? As we've seen he can wrestle incredibly well and draw due to the Lockdown he main evented being one of the highest buy rates in TNA history.
  2. Really great post. This is one of the top 3 wrestlers I wanted to know more about, as I've read the hype. I really wish he'd come over to WWE, why is TNA booking him like crap? Something I don't understand.

    That promo was great. He could be used like Umaga was used. I'd like to see him be a crazy agility monster.
  3. I have no idea it just tna being tna really if you're not a top WWE ex talent you're not gonna be made into a big time main eventer for an extended period of time. Its a big shame though he's had a really big buzz for a long time.
  4. Yeah tis' definitely a shame, no idea why WWE aren't going for it. Not really an agile monster in the WWE now is there? Brodus is athletic for his size but he's no Umaga or Joe.
  5. That's true I can't think of another agile monster in wrestling beside steen actually. The only reason i can think of him not signing is if he has an attitude problem? Would be great to see joe vs punk again the matches they had in roh were phenomenal.
  6. Looking from that promo, I doubt he does. He seems very passionate. Lots of WWE wrestlers want to see him in the business too, and many of them hang out with Joe (Edge, Christian, Punk etc). Probably Vince being stubborn, but it's HHH's job to find stars and I think Joe is definitely one they shuold get. Husky Harris is quite agile for his size, those 2 in a tag team could help revitalize the tag-team division for a bit.
  7. Samoa Joe has been suspended from TNA Wrestling following a backstage blowup at the 7/13 TNA Impact taping from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. According to reports, Joe was upset with the ending to his match against Jeff Hardy taped for the 7/22 edition of TNA Impact (the bout ended in a time limit draw and had to be broken up by referees).

    Joe threw a fit, saying the finish was made too obvious and even entered the production truck while the show was being taped. While WWE in particular has taped angles with wrestlers "invading" the production truck, it is something that is completely "off-limits" to performers while taping is in progress.

    We do not have a definitive word on how long he's been suspended from the company but it couldn't have came at a worse time as Joe was finally starting to get pushed after months of being idle.

    Source :

    It seems his passion can get the better of him though. Then again TNA does let the inmates run the asylum tbh.
  8. Wow never knew that, but then again I highly doubt he'd do such a thing in WWE.
  9. Kane, Matt Morgan - agile monsters
    Anyway, I know he's come far but I never really enjoyed him, and he loses too easily and often now.
  10. Forgot about Morgan actually he's up got oodles of charisma good call.
  11. And Crimson.
  12. I wouldn't put Kane down as an agile monster, I'd just say he's more agile than the rest (Big Show, Mark Henry, Khali etc). I class agile monsters to be like Joe & Umaga, especially Umaga he was insane.