How would you fix the X-Division?

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  1. For something that was so phenomenal not too long ago, the X-Division is a pile of crap right now. So a simple enough question, how would you fix it?
  2. Invest in talent, young talent that you can build a division on. Dedicate time to them and invest money into it. As it stands a lot of the guys in the X-division are pay by appearance. And due to how the pay by appearance contracts are rumored to look I understand if not a lot of X-division talent stay for long. But if you invest money and time into and can get talent to stay and dedicate themselves to the company then you have in my mind a start.
  3. Have RVD put a new, young guy who actually belongs in the X-Division, getting all the talent available that fits and giving them more time, better booking. The matches will be good then, no secret.
  4. First have Bob lose the title to the newly turned Kenny King. Then as Stopspot said, scout out young high flyers and offer them a permanent position. Throw in some Ultimate X matches and you're on your way.
  5. A good start would be murdering BVD
  6. Obviously RVD drops the title to King and then disappears in a puff of smoke.

    Bring in AJ Styles to the X Division in a 'finding his roots' type storyline to go along with his shitty 2013 year of no title shots. He can win the title off of King after a long feud, before putting someone new over huge

    Make sure that their is always a feud centered around the X Division strap, and put on other occasional X Division matches on Impact.

    Feature guys like Ion, Jessie Sorenhoweveryouspell it when he comes back, King, ect. They fucked up by not grabbing Generico before WWE though. Dude would have been an X Division GOD
  7. there*

    Anyway, I agree with having AJ Styles return to the division, and I still have no idea why TNA didn't go for Generico or haven't gone for Steen.
  8. Just came up with an idea, an X-Division Double Dragon Tournament.

    -First have RVD quit, get fired, or get stripped causing the title to be vacated.

    -Put every X Division wrestler's name into a pot.

    -Draw out two names at a time, putting those two guys in a team.

    -Have a one match knockout tournament.

    -Have the winners of the final match then face each other 1 on 1 for the title Double Dragon style.

    This could create interesting dynamics by forcing strange bedfellows, where you know you need your partner to advance even though you hate them. It can also put a strain on face teams, where they know in the back of their mind, if they make it all the way, will have to fight each other.
  9. I wouldn't call it a "pile of crap" like the OP did, because it's still feautured good, and it has damn good wrestlers in it (lolRVD). It's simple as that.

    But yeah, it isn't much. So, keep:

    - Kenny King
    - Christian York
    - Jesse Sorensen
    - Zema Ion
    - Chris Sabin

    Bring in:

    - Alex Silva (from OVW Gutcheck winner)
    - Rubix (Jigsaw)
    - Petey Williams
    - Sam Shaw (from OVW, Gutcheck winner)
    - Lince Dorado

    10 wrestlers, you don't need more of them. Just rotate and book them well.
  10. RVD is all that is wrong right now. Nothing else needs fixing.
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