How would YOU handle the CM Punk/Chicago situation?

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  1. If you were booking for WWE, what ideas would you have to try and save your show from being buried by a bunch of butt hurt Punk marks? Would you troll them? Have HHH shit on them? Try to go over the top with an awesome PPV quality show to distract them?
  2. They won't acknowledge it at all. If the show's good enough (and it sounds like it will be with Wyatts/Shield, Taker/Lesnar segment etc), it won't be too bad a reaction. Only the bad segments will get shat on.
  3. I would do nothing outside of the ordinary.... nothing will stop the fans from voicing their opinion, so why even try? I doubt that WWE is very worried about it to be honest.
  4. I asked how YOU would handle it.

    But if you think the Chicago marks aren't out to ruin the show you are full of shit. Taker won't be disrespected, but outside of that everything is getting Punk chants.
  5. You really think the WWE isn't worried about an entire ep of Raw getting buried on the RTWM? Again, I seriously disagree. If WWE wasn't very worried about crowd reactions Batista wouldn't have cut a promo like he did Monday.
  6. I'd probably e-mail Meltzer some bullshit about a Punk return being very close. Done.
  7. What does that solve lol. That would just compound the issue.

    I still stand by a 3 hour HHH promo just shitting on Punk being the way to go. Stick it to these dumb fucks.
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  8. All the Punk fans going to the show will have heard about the news and be less angry and want to enjoy the show, maybe?
  9. Less angry, but still just chanting their asses off for Punk. And then when he doesn't show you are likely facing riots from the heathens who hail from Chicago.
  10. fuck you i dont know not my job
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  11. What wrestler on the roster looks most like CM Punk?

    I want Raw to open with "Ladies and Gentleman.... C! M! Punk!"

    His theme hits and like MIz did with Rock a few years ago someone comes out looking like him and we see how long it takes the idiots to figure it out.
  12. The Batista promo was done based on crowd reactions.. that's true.... but what exactly can they do to rebut CM Punk chants? Punk is no longer with the company... if HHH comes out it just gets even worse. The chants will be quieted by the action going on in the ring for a bit... if Bryan is wrestling there's a good chance that the chants won't happen. Taker/Lesnar segment, most likely no chants. Shield/Wyatts match, once again.. most likely no chants... unless the match is slow like the Bray vs Reigns match was last Monday... so I guess my answer should have been that I would book the show to please the audience so that the chants would be lessened. Thus making me (WWE) not too worried about the crowd reaction.
  13. I say have some guys with batons. Any time a fan chants CM Punk, send one of the goons over to whack him in the knee. Soon, people will get the idea.
  14. Bad News Barrett should come out to Cult Of Personality.
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  15. As you said, bring out HHH and let him cut a three hours promo trolling those marks. 10/10 RAW
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  16. Oh god, BNB shooting on Punk would be the most heat imaginable.

    I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Your hero CM Punk is a pussy at home crying because he doesn't care about you faggots!
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  17. I'd personally do as Eddie Guerrero did with Austin's theme right after Stone Cold walked out in 2002.... have CM Punk's music hit by surprise (cue the loud pop) but then have someone else other than Punk be the one to walk through the curtain. Instant heat. According to the Smackdown spoilers...
    Show Spoiler
    Batista more or less 'turned heel' and given the crowd already despises him and he's already playing it up on Twitter it seems, he'd be the perfect person to come out and do this.
    I'd also have Triple H show up at the end of the show (or near the end of the show) and mock the crowd similar to how he did the night after the Rumble. ("Ah, did someone expect CM Punk to show up here tonight?")
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  18. Being serious now, I'd probably just mute the audio for the crowd and add in a pop for every entrance/pinfall like SmackDown.
  19. HHH mocking the crowd like they are small children is endlessly entertaining to me.

    BTW, wtf, if Batista is full blown heel now are we legit getting a heel/heel match for the title at Mania? And not a cool heel/heel match but the worst of all time?
  20. I could see chairs flying into the ring if HHH actually did that, or at least a few sodas or beers lol.... would be funny... but kind of dangerous.
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