How would you have booked Jeff Hardy's one more shot angle

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  1. It was obvious as soon as TNA brought him back he was going to get high billing but how would you have handled it after he cut his return promo? Would you have put him in the main event as it seems TNA are doing, buried him or something completely different? Just remember he was back.
    Essentially booking from this moment.
  2. Thought they had a nice thing going with the Jeff Jarrett feud, it was a nice, logical way to re-introduce and rebuild Hardy. That's fine. But after the title match at Genesis, I would have stuck him in the Tag-Team Tournament with A.J. Styles, referencing Styles not wanting him back. They tease tension at first, but going into the final round A.J. finally admits Hardy has turned his life around. He's been reliable, got in better shape, stopped doing drugs, etc. They lose in the finals due to Kazarian's interference, starting that feud up. Hardy plays the "voice of reason" role in the A.J/Daniels/Kaz feud, proving how clear his mind is and proving that AJ is still reliable, as they win the tag match at Victory Road to take on Samoa Joe and Magnus in the Steel Cage at Lockdown. Hardy climbs the cage as Magnus gets the blind tag, Joe dodges the Swanton and Magnus hits the elbow drop after Joe dodges the Swanton. Both of them go through a #1 Contender's Tournament for Roode's title, with A.J. facing Jeff at Sacrifice, where they tear the house down. A.J. goes over, as Jeff goes to be the much-needed "competition" Austin Aries has been craving. He wins the X-Division Title from Aries at Slammiversary, as Aries' heel tactics backfire against him at Destination-X. (X-Division Showcase being the ME) He defends the title against the Showcase winner they signed at Hardcore Justice, as Daniels screws over Hardy at No Surrender to take the X-Division belt off of Jeff as he gets ready to battle Styles again for the World Championship at Bound for Glory.

    Jeff then has proved himself, worked the undercard for a little while, rebuilt the Tag and X-Divisions, and TNA showed last year how well they can build someone up in anticipation for Bound for Glory. If Hardy gets half the treatment Roode got last year, the "Culmination of Hardy's Road to Redemption" will feel awfully special.
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  3. I don't have anything to add to that. That was perfect.

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