How would you have booked Rock/Punk then?

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Crayo, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. I've seen tons of criticism about how it ended, so I'm interested in how you guys would have improved on it.
  2. The entire fued or just the match? When I find some free time I'll come up with something :yes:
  3. I'd book it the same way!
  4. The match and onwards. So the RR match result, how you'd book that, and then whether you'd continue their feud or not etc.
  5. Re-book the Rock/CM Punk Royal Rumble match

    I think we all agree the match sucked dick, so let's do some fantasy booking. Keeping everything in mind (hint hint: Rock's cardio) how would you have booked that match last night to keep it entertaining and less shitty than it was?

    I have some ideas swirling around in my head, but I want to see what you all can come up with first.
  6. Re-book the Rock/CM Punk Royal Rumble match

    I'd liike to invite my good friend Vince "Oh SHit" Russo to re-book it.
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  7. RE: Re-book the Rock/CM Punk Royal Rumble match

    Closed as thread already been made. By the way, this kinda shit goes in the be the booker section now :ryan1:
  8. RE: Re-book the Rock/CM Punk Royal Rumble match

    We don't all agree to this, actually. Just because some are overcritical doesn't mean we all are.

    I thought the build to the PPV was as good as it could be. About the only thing I would have changed about the match is have the restart go on for a couple of minutes longer. Also, I wanted Rock to put Punk down with a combination of the People's Elbow AND the Rock Bottom. Slightly annoyed that only the elbow pinned Punk so soon after the restart. Punk kicking out of the elbow and then having to be put down by the rock bottom (maybe two) would have been fine with me.

    The promos of Rock telling Punk that come the Rumble, his 'time was up', and that he would know it when he was up in the rock bottom, sounded just like the promos that Rock cut on Kurt Angle leading up to No Way Out 2001. And it took two rock bottoms to put Kurt down there (although I think it was supposed to be one, either the ref or Angle screwed that one up.) Would have loved to have seen Punk go down fighting as much as possible in a similar way.

    Obviously, I would have the feud continue into Elimination Chamber. Not sure about Wrestlemania.
  9. I would give Rumble to someone who will go for WHC. Y2J seems good. Punk would have beat The Rock, clearly as he will show that he is so damn good. Later on he would talk about how great he is. How he beat everyone even The Rock. He talks about the guys he beat. Vince would come and announce a chamber match against Punk's former opponents during his reign. Rock vs Cena vs Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs The Miz. Punk will retain once again. Then the Raw after Elimination Chamber he would talk more but he is interrupted by The Undertaker. Taker attacks him. Later on Taker will challenge him as he is the only guy that Punk can't beat. The match at Wrestlemania will be Streak vs Reign. Taker will win. The Raw right after WM Taker would come and say he is done. He drops the belt and when he is about to retire Cena will come. Cena talks about him, talks about his respect. At Wrestlemania Rock vs Cena happened for twice and Cena has won this time. Cena would say he faced all time greats, HBK, HHH, Rock, Lesnar, Kurt Angle but not Undertaker. Cena will Challenge Taker for Wrestlemania as this is what he believes. As the last thing he should do. Taker thinks and accepts in one condition. It should be a submission match. To end the streak he should continue his motto. They will agree then later on I don't care.
  10. I pretty much agree with this, especially the part about the build.
  11. Exactly how it was.
  12. I'd have made Rock wrestle a fair amount of matches before he came back on to get rid of his ring rust and get him to do a mixture of Weights and Cardio. That way the match wouldn't have been so damn slow. You want the title, prove your good enough in the ring to do it.
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