Royal Rumble How would you Have Ended the Rumble

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Somethingcool57, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. I was thinking about this topic at work today and wondered just how it could have ended better. Personally with me I think Roman winning it is just fine, yes would have been a great story if DB did but they don't pay me to write for them. This is how I would have pitched the rumbled if it was my job:

    - DB would have been first entry, this to me would of kept up with that "the authority is out to screw him." Next out Miz would have talked some smack to DB did his whole movie star stuff until at 3 was Bubba Ray and him and bryan could have done the whole thing like he did with R-Truth. Devon calls for the tables and Bryan starts up his Yes chant.

    -Everything else is fine so far I would have though hady Brayn throw out Miz, Axel, Cara, Kidd and Fandango. Then when Wade came in have the two of them pretty much be between each other while everyone else did their own thing. Wade would have almost Eliminate him but manages not too.

    -He hangs around until Roman comes out and then all of a sudden Tripple H comes out and stands at the ramp and almost instantly everyone attacks both Roman and Bryan. The two of them hold out until Big E comes out and starts to even the odds. Bryan racks up another 2 maybe three Elimins while Roman just goes on a tare though the numbers.

    -My final 10 would have been Roman, Kane, Big Show, Ambrose, Bryan, Wade, Rusev, Wyatt, Ziggler and Cesaro. Big Show and Kane would go to work on Bryan destroying him and then Ziggler as he would try to help out. Kane, Show and Wade would have eliminated Bryan at that point then Ziggler.

    -The end would have still been the same over all Rusev hiding out on the outside Show and Kane vs agaisnt Ambrose and Roman. Roman wins in the end and starts to get man handled instead of having Rock come out to save his hide Bryan comes out and manages to take Kane out while Roman takes out Show. As Roman is celebrating and point to the WM Bryan runs over and sends him over the top rope and starts up a huge Yes chant.

    To me this would have given Bryan that strong showing and I would go onto Raw to set up a match between him and Roman at Fast lane for the title shot. Now Roman would still win to go onto WM but Byran gets screwed over some form by Wade which sets up a fued for the IC belt with Byran winning at WM and building over a six months maybe even a full year breaking the Honky Tonk Man's record. Where he would win the Rumble next year and Challenge Rollins for the World title and unfiy the two titles at next years WM.
  2. That sounds like a terrible ending. lol
    I'd just have Bryan be in the final four and then Bryan get eliminated by Show and Kane.
    Or another thing I would do is have them never host a Royal Rumble at Philly.
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  3. This.
  4. I was thinking with Bryan throwing Roman over at that very end there would have been the result of everything boiling over and maybe throw him down a little more darker edgier fight against HHH. Just the whole "I'm going to have start fighting dirty to get anything I want here".
  5. I'd probably start with the entrants. Devon should have been with Bubba Ray and an NXT guy or two should've been there. As for eliminations, I know for sure that Ryder should have fought Bray but still managed to put some guys over the top rope. Wyatt gets to be strong and then Bryan, Reigns, Ambrose and Ziggler all put the Authority's guys over the top ropes. Final 5 should be Bryan, Reigns, Ziggler, Wyatt and Cesaro. Bryan fights Wyatt, while the others do some cool spots and in the end it comes down to Bryan, Reigns and Cesaro. At this point, it depends on what the upper powers want me to do. If Reigns absolutely must win, then have Bryan be taken out by Sheamus or Wyatt (if he is to feud with them). If they let me have Bryan win, I WOULD DO THAT PLZ. If Cesaro was properly pushed like he should have, he'd probably look like a star and I'd let him win if they just told me that Bryan isn't to win.
  6. I just would have done something to have Reigns more prepared for the inevitable boo'ing. Having him look like a deer in headlights was BS. They knew how Philly would respond, him just standing with his arms raised was a booking fail.

    Also, DB/Reigns would have been the final 2, so there is at least some suspense to who might win. Kane/Big Show can fuck right off. Final 4 should have been Ziggler/Ambrose/Reigns/DB. Crowd would have been electric instead of crying like a bunch of fucking pussies.
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  7. Have Batista come out to congrat Reigns for doing what the latter couldn't do last year.
    Reigns would spear him for his efforts and likely get a better reaction to end the night.
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  8. Would've had DB/DZ/Ambrose/Reigns or DB/Wyatt/Ambrose/Reigns as the final four.
    I wouldn't give a shit who would eliminate who and how, but Reigns would still win, though and the Philly crowd may have just accepted Reigns as the winner.
    Because, if you actually put yourself into his shoes, then you'd know he was just doing his job.
    If Vinnie Mac came to me and said I was gonna be the Rumble winner, I would've turned down the offer, too.

    But then again, what's done is done. I'm certainly not losing sleep over how things have played out at the Rumble.
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  9. Would have had Freight Train come out and bury Daniel Bryan and have him help Roman win the rumble.
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  10. lel, so funneh
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  11. I would've kept DB on until the end. Final 3 I'd have DB, Reigns and some heel (possibly Wyatt). Heel throws out Bryan, Reigns and the heel have some back and forth and Reigns wins. I don't think there's much to be done to avoid Reigns getting booed, so having DB last long and not having him be such a superman would've at least helped.
    On the other hand, they could've brought Batista back for one night, have him throw out DB and be the biggest heel ever and then Roman throws him out, there we go. :lol1:
  12. Think Rusev would be a better choice instead of Wyatt personally.
  13. Well, possibly. It's why I didn't specify that much, but yeah, Rusev wouldn't be as over as Wyatt so it'd be better.
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