WrestleMania how would you improve the main events(cena/rock lesnar/hhh) at wm29?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Gav back in the championship, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. one rule you arn't allowed to change the participants

    For the hhh/lesnar match id make it hell in a cell it could potentially be better than last years imo

    Not too sure on rock/cena though
  2. The only thing that could possibly make Cena/Rock interesting for me is the crowd completely shitting on it. Not so much because of the participants but more because of WWE's lazy ass booking. Agree Lesnar/Trips would be pretty awesome in the cell, Lesnar's destruction would be fantastic to watch.
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  3. Lesnar vs HHH Hell in a Cell ... Brock playing with HHH's hammer :gusta:

    Dont really know a freaking way to improve this shit.

    I would say... Cena and HHH get injured one week before so we dont change the participants....cuz there are no longer participants :otunga:
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  4. I like your new sig :gusta:
    Seriously though, I don't find anyway to improve Rock/Cena, it's seriously the match that I'm looking forward the least of all matches, predictable and all, noway to improve it imo, and I can't blame the crowd if they were dead during the match because nobody expects anything better than last year from them, with this being even more predictable than last year. :facepalm1:

    I like the idea of HHH/Brock having their match in the Cell, I don't mind that at all, but then what will be the special thing about the HIAC PPV since it had just one HIAC match too?

    Cena or HHH injured?
    Rodrigo wake up, even if he is dead he will come back as a zombie just to get his ego satisfied and get his win against Lesnar.
    I can see him having nightmares since after SummerSlam of Lesnar making him tap out over and over again, he wants to get his win back no matter what.
  5. Rock Cena needs a heel this time, face vs face rarely works more than once or in this case at all. Cena low blowing Rock as he wins the title works, he couldn't get it done first time so had to do it this way. Another choice would be a corporate champion deal, something along the lines of Cena had to win last time or the past seems better than the present and they couldn't risk him losing by himself again... It's repeated shit but so is Cena 9/10, the staleness of this match is a reflection on him the past 8 years or so, it has moments of real promise then fades into nothingness again.
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  6. Well first of all I'd make sure Cena never attempts a Hurricarana again and probably make it something like a Lumberjack match with heels from both the Attitude and Modern era around the ring. I'd also like to see a Special Referee match with Punk as the referee.

    Trips and Lesnar I'm not sure maybe a Hell in a Cell match.
  7. But who do you turn heel and how it would be difficult to turn rock heel now and cena turning heel now won't work either and a bit of a waste
  8. I think the best way to go is to do the same as their first two matches - Rock/Cena with no heel or special stipulation and just another non sanctioned match between Lesnar and Triple H. Turning Rock heel obviously can't happen and I don't think the time has yet come for Cena to go heel. I know it sounds predictable and just same old same old, but from a storytelling point of view, Cena going over Rock (after winning the Rumble again and exorcising his first demon of finally beating Punk) makes sense. A Hell In A Cell match with Lesnar and Triple H would be fine but I really don't like it now that HIAC has it's own annual PPV. But it would fit the feud.
  9. That rana was horrible, but never? Nah.

    Disagree on both honestly (not picking on you, had to reply to the first part) Give punk an awesome match, if he was special ref IMO it would be about punk AGAIN and we would have to deal wth the pouty crying heel watching the two face's go for what he believe's is HIS title. Would be even worse.

    Turn Cena heel. You have face Rocky for a year, and Cena being heel wouldn't change sales, as long as he throws a promo about Rocky being a part time champion, and what Vince likes.

    Dont touch HHH/Lesnar, it's going to be awesome.
  10. I kind of want a Cena turn to come out of left field tbh, it's odd I know but there has been so many perfect chances for the turn where is hasn't happened so it being a shock to me would be rare and as such incredible, I wouldn't be against him turning at a "lesser" PPV in all honesty, like Hulk did at BATB. It adds a layer of awesome to it IMO.
  11. I would make the HHH/Lesnar in Hell in a Cell as @tgill85 said, and the Cena/Rock I would make an Iron man Match or an Inferno Match
  12. Rock doesn't have anywhere near the amount of cardio needed for that.
  13. Yeah, I know, steroids made his cardio not so good than before. But I said what I think would be entertaining
  14. HHH/Lesnar at HIAC sounds good. Rock/Cena would only be good with a Cena heel turn in the end, and no way match quality would be good, really.
  15. Well if you didn't disagree with me, this forum would be pretty boring. I do disagree however with Cena turning heel because no matter what Cena does, I just don't think he'd want too and be able too.
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