How would you improve the X division?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 16, 2013.

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    2 questions for this thread :

    When did you feel the X Division was in it's prime?

    How would you improve it currently to surpass that?

    IMO the X Division was at it's best in 2005/2006, you had AJ, Daniels and Joe tearing it up in some of their best matches ever, hell some may argue they had the best in the companies history. What I liked about it most was I didn't need the big story to understand why they fighting as it was kept simple, Joe was the unstoppable monster who wanted the title, AJ and Daniels wanted the title for themselves, something simplier is better after all.

    Now how I'd bring it back to from a fantasy standpoint;

    I'd sign two main players Uhaa Nation and Kenta, plus I'd drop Joe back down to the division. Nation would debut as a surprise opponent for Kenny King, who has being running an open challenge for months at Slammiversary, defending the title on every 2nd impact and at One Night specials, King is the arrogant heel champion who says no matter what challenge they offer him he'll over come it. Nation debuts and picks up the title in a good 12 minute match. King gets his rematch the next impact and is beaten again. Nation goes on a streak until BFG similar to Kings, Samoa Joe then drops into it and they feud as Joe wants to be considered the only monster champion and the most dominant X Division champion is history. Nation goes over Joe, meanwhile a mysterious dominant Jr Heavyweight is advertised as coming to TNA and he wants the title. Kenta debuts and they have a face off leading into that feud and I'm out of ideas.

    It's probably illogical and babbling but I'd like it so yeah, questions are up there.
  2. When did you feel the X Division was in it's prime? - 2005/2006

    How would you improve it currently to surpass that? - Here's how:

    I'd have 3 rules about it: 1) 10 wrestlers in the division ; 2) 240 lbs weight limit ; 3) When you lose in a title match, you're at the bottom of contenders list.

    My X Division in 2013 (after Slammy X) would be:

    - Christian York
    - Zema Ion
    - Kenny King
    - Sonjay Dutt
    - Rubix
    - Lince Dorado
    - Alex Silva
    - Sam Shaw
    - Rockstar Spud
    - Chris Sabin

    And pending Jesse Sorensen.

    Rotate them, use them, make Ultimate X feel even more special and that's it.
  3. Dont blame me but whats the point of the Divison X?
    Its like a kind of midcard divison?
  4. It's high flyers.
  5. Once, it was what build TNA. High-flying, daredevil, packed action. Stars were born in it. The muscle of TNA it was. Ultimate X was its spotlight match.

    Today, it's nowhere near it. We're trying to make it better.
  6. But people like Jeff Hardy are feuding for the WHC and people like RVD are in the X division
  7. Read my post if you haven't. Once, it was about NO RULES. Today, it's all fucked up.:upset:
  8. Also Hardy isn't a high flyer.
  9. Damn...So there are actually three main groups.
    X division
    Heavyweight division?
    And....could you link me your thread were you posted stuff for the people who is starting to watch TNA?
  10. I feel it is like the WWE mid card. It is easily fixable, it just needs more focus on the shows and properly built feuds. Simple as that. I look at the guys they use and they are all talented; far from the problem.

    Turn the Sleeze Factor face and have him take the strap off King after a 3 month feud. We are all happy.
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  11. Actually put it on TV.
  12. Dunno about the WWE mention, but I agree.

    It's very easy to fix, just don't be so lazy about it TNA creative.:finger:
  13. Yeah, there are.

    Dunno about thread, but here's 4 main links for getting to know the product and TNA:



    TNASYLUM.COM (the haven for TNA fans):

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  14. Instead of making it the third match on every PPV, make it the Semi-Main Event.
    Get some stars back, because honestly? Who is an actual X-Division star?
    Zema Ion, Kenny King, AJ Style's, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Chavo, Jesse Sorreson and Chris Sabin.
    Why is Christian York there? He should IMO be feuding for the TV Title. His style does not match up.

    If we're going to fix this division, it'll take a while.
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