How would you like to see The Miz return?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Mr:Awesome, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. I would like to see The Miz return as a face and as a surprise entrant in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match. He could then start a feud with another heel that everyone hates like Del Rio or something like that. On a pictue i saw of The Miz, he has grown his hair a bit longer and it looks like he has a bit of a beard now. He looks alot more tougher now than when he did before. Plus if he came out in street clothes other than suit. What do you think? :yay:
  2. Ye I want to see him too now. Raw got really boring ever since he left :sad:
  3. I agree with the OP
  4. The thread title implies that we all want to see him return.
  5. I'd like to see him with his new look, back, interrupting someone's promo, I guess. It would be nice. Not really sure against who I'd put him, to be honest.
  6. As long as it's a surprise return, I don't think it will go wrong! He's so over, his entrance music is really impactful and it's his first return. It'll be great when he comes back. Only thing that could ruin it, is if he returns to be squashed, but considering he's gonna promote a new movie, I'm expecting a push.
  7. No, I'm pretty sure he won't be squashed on his return. But this thread makes me think that they may want to bring him back as a face, or turn him face in the near future... or he could stay a heel and play some movie star gimmick, it would be nice.
  8. I'd be interested in seeing him as a face, but at the same time, I like him the way he is. Don't fix what aint broken, right?
  9. Yeah, it's true. Turning someone face in WWE is always a risk, they may lose their edge, that thing that makes them special. R-Truth for example, the guy was great, great as a heel. But they turned him, now I don't find him as entertaining as I did some months ago. Turning someone like Miz face, considering that he hasn't played one for an extended period of time and the fact that they tend to make every one of their faces a smiling idiot, is a dangerous move. If I was to choose I'd keep him as a heel, but it would be OK to see it, I guess.
  10. I can't help but agree with everything you said. It would be risky indeed, and Miz is already a quite PG heel. Just look at his "baddes baddie" nomination from Kids Choice Awards; when I heard about that, I just thought "well, of course". So yeah, I can't imagine his face character would be particularly edgy, but hey, WWE has surprised me before, I'll admit that. Not hating on Miz btw, he's a great entertainer and I miss him.
  11. I would prefer he just not return. He can go back to MTV for all I care
  12. I think he'd be a better heel then face. Look at what WWE did to Cena, and Sheamus, they make their big faces unstoppable, dull and boring. As a heel he is entertaining and pretty badass. Plus I can't really see him being a better face then a heel anyway.
  13. I want to see the Miz come back and only talk in third person
  14. I want him to get a big heel run on Raw and be in the championship picture, more aggressively.
  15. It need to be surprise return and he need mainevent matches!
  16. heel or Face!! i dont care! i just want him back!
  17. FACEEEEE ;o
  18. Most do!


    I only want Miz as a face if he's given an original gimmick. Smiley super Miz can go to hell, I'm tired of that gimmick given to all heels that turn face.
  19. If Miz was to be a face he'd need to be similar to Rock.
  20. Sometimes, simple is always better, so I'd actually WWE-book this.

    Around Survivor Series, book Orton vs Mark Henry for the WHC. They work for about 15 minutes, until Orton hits his silly little DDT. He starts beating the ground, and Miz pops up behind him, Orton gets up, Skull-Crushing. Henry does his rope-bouncing splash and pins Randy.
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