How would you make Bo's current gimmick work on the main roster?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Hello ladies...
    Bo Dallas is currently working a annoying prick gimmick down in NXT. Seeing himself as beloved by all and as better than the veterans and pros. And it works. He has taken to playing off of his weak spots. He fumbles lines, he's overly cheesy and annoying to a T. And it has made him a much more interesting character on NXT compared to his bland babyface persona from before. But how would you bring that character up to the main roster?​
    As much as I hate to say it, I think he needs to win one of the two big belts from the word go. He needs to win the World Title and become one of the youngest champs in history, which would be a good catalyst for the annoying shit head gimmick. So he can talk about his "hardships", about being better than vets like Big Show and Del Rio. And about how some people work their entire careers for the belt but he won it in such a short time. They can even redo the 1-2-3 kid "fluke" as his win to even sell it further.​
    How would you re-debut the Bo-leiver to the main roster?​

  2. As you said, Have him win a Title....But I'd give him the US Title then have him act like himself, Annoying shit he is, He's done well to make his weak spots work with his gimmick. If he does get moved up then I think it'd be nice.....Imagine the Hate on Raw and Smackdown......and on the internet.
  3. He wasn't a babyface. He was a BObyface. BOLIEVE!
  4. I suppose winning a belt from the get go would be pretty good (midcard though). Then they can test if it works with the audience, because I'm pretty sure Bo's career is only good as far as this gimmick goes.
  5. Bo Dallas sucks he got alot of hate on WF. I cant believe he is NXT champion who the fuck thought to give him the title
  6. Ahem....Obviously, You think this is a Bo Dallas Hate Thread....As Much as He is hated, He's acuatly good at what he does. He''s good at making people hate him and that's one of reasons he holds the NXT Title.....Even though I think it should go to someone like Adrian Neville, Corey Graves or Khassius Ohno (Not Zayn since he'll be called up soon)
  7. The last time you were allowed there was almost 3 months ago, im sure he used to, who knows what he got now?

    What did you get banned for?
  8. From what i've seen on NXT and his time at the Main Roster, He's been disappointing and i'd push alot of the other stars than him. Kruger/Zayn/Neville
  9. He's good at getting people to hate him.. that's not just because of his gimmick lol. And there's a lot more to a wrestler than just getting a reaction. Look at Khali.
  10. I say give him a midcard belt, making himself think that having a midcard strap is the best thing in the world and stuff. Going around and bragging about it, even doing a web series about having people beat the great Bo Dallas, which is him just taking stuff and signing it forcefully and annoying the fuck outta random people, but he thinks they all like him.
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  11. This is how I would do it, too. Have him win the US Title (maybe in a Milan Miracle-type moment) from Dean (although it could work with nearly any heel). Then, proceed, sir.

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