How Would you make WWE '13 better?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. GM Mode, more CAW costumes like a werewolf costume, lion costume, dragon costume, more freedom in Superstar threads like taking away and adding clothes. A new move-set that makes the game fun, like having a wolf CAW bite the other guy or something, ability to edit superstars like giving Stone Cold hair, ability to play in fun outside arenas like WWE stairs and parking lot and elevator, can set a wrestler on fire in a hardcore match.

    Your turn.
  2. :booker:

    I'm not really sure. Not too fond of GM mode to be honest, I already play TEW, so I want WWE videogame series to focus on the matches/"season" mode and etc. Fighting backstage is interesting. Editing superstars would also be OK, in case there are attire changes or similar things.
  3. By pulling it out of THQ's hand and placing it in EA's.
  4. Are you sure EA's got the experience to make a good wrestling game? That is, if they accept to do it. :sad:
  5. Not hard to get that to be honest. EA are the lead for sports games, their leaps and bounds above competition. Plus, we'd actually have good graphics and amazing story-lines. Play fight night champion :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. -Reintdroduce Story mode and GM mode
    -Get back hardcore and special referee matches

    -For GM Mode here's an idea of mine, whether it would be too big to handle for the disk I don't know, but I think it'd be awesome.

    Start off managing a smaller company, like FCW or a made up one. Then if you begin to get good ratings then you get to move up to NXT, then superstars, then RAW/Smackdown. Instead of just 1 season you can have loads of seasons, and it just keeps going on as long as you want. Eventually having to draft in younger superstars and making them your new stars.
  7. You may be right, I don't know much about EA or anything. But I'm still skeptical about whether some bigger company would accept WWE's offer or not.
  8. Not sure why not. Everyone buys the WWE games tbh. Even fans who haven't watched in years. It's a guaranteed money-maker.
  9. Just speaking from speculations, actually. I think it was Activision who said that wrestling games weren't big money, but I don't know, EA might do it. But one way or another, until 2017, we're with THQ.
  10. That's around the time :taker: will retire.
  11. He probably thinks he can still go when it's only one match per year. :hmm:
  12. Yes, he can. He'll be around for 5-6 more years. By the time taker retires he will be recognized as the undisputed GOAT.
  13. Taker's good, but the fact that his gimmick worked helped a lot, and I mean a lot in his greatness.
  14. Kane's gimmick was better. Makes you think. How big would Kane be had he received the push Taker did.
  15. Really big. Throughout his career, Kane has been a victim of horrible booking.
  16. That would have been a dream come true. To see Kane be recognized as the GOAT. Undertaker's good but Kane is the true monster of the WWE.
  17. Kane's pretty good, I like him.
  18. The reason Undertaker is and always will be better than Kane is because he is/was a hell of a lot more talented than him.
  19. What R'Albin said tbh, Kane was given a shit gimmick with a monster initial push and made it into a midcard act. Taker was given a shit gimmick and became an icon with it. Kane's great but ever going to have the charisma or flexibility of Taker? No IMO.
  20. Taker is indeed better than Kane. Kane's good, but Taker's better, at least inside the ring.
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