How would you make your favorite mid-carder a fixture in the main-event scene?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Pretty self-explanatory title. How would you book your favorite mid-carder or undercarder on their path to championship gold?

    Gimmick changes, flipping face to heel, everything's allowed.
  2. Urgh you had to do this didn't you? Now I know that at some point I will waste my time booking this instead of studying for my exams :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Turn A RI heel and copy miz's push from 2010 to the wwe title. US title run and eventually Mr MITB. Just give him a mic and 10 minutes time with no scripts every week.
  4. How to turn Zack Ryder into steady mid to main card talent, a Stopspot Story:

    Zack goes up against one of Johnny Aces goons in a match and takes one to many chairshots to the head. Once the bell rings the heel and maybe one more heel continues to mock Ryder in the ring. Zack suddenly stands up. Stares them down and unleashes a new finisher on them (Possibly re introducing his Lifting inverted DDT under a new name). As they lie squirming on the ground. As Zack walks our Otunga comes out and demands Zack apologies or some rubish. Zack promptly gives him one as well. Cut to backstage later in the show and we see Zack coming out from the bathroom where he is met by the good Bella twin (Nikki I believe) Asking him why he did what he did. Zack says he has no clue what she is talking about. For the next few weeks we see Zack switching between the regular lovable Broski and a ice cold bad ass character. It turns out that Zack has developed something akin to multiple personality disorder.

    During these weeks Bad ass Zack has started a feud with otunga and a couple more of Johnnys stooges, with Broski-Zack and Nikki whom he has started hanging out with, are caught in the middle. This goes on over the summer and we see the two sides of Zack starting to fight with each other. Every time he sees a mirror or anything where he can see his reflection he starts talking to the other side of him. This intensifies as the two sides don't get along at all.

    Eventually Otunga and the others decide it is time to finish things and they kidnap Nikki (writing her of off tv for a while.) And telling Zack that he has to face them in a Gauntlet no disqualification match at say Summerslam or Night of Champions. The fighting between Zack and the stooges as well as between the two Zacks intensifies even more. At the go home show for the PPV we see Zack arguing with himself in a bathroom or similar which ends with him striking the mirror and fainting. At the PPV it is believed that Zack will no show since he hasn't woken up yet. Suddenly a remix of Zacks theme hits and Zack comes out. This being a new Zack that is a combination of the two personas. Blending some of his comedic traits with the more serious traits of bad ass Zack to create a perfect blend.

    Zack wins the gauntlet and possibly goes on to feud with one of the stooges or any of Johnnys other stooges that hold a mid card title.

    It's a longshot but I'd like to see something like this since it would show that Zack can play both types of character and it would give his character a chance to grow past the broski gimmick but still keep the charm that he has shown with it.
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  5. I actually hate you. I was going to say almost the exact same thing.

    I'd give him a slightly different gimmick than Miz's, I'd revert back to the "he's perfect" gimmick he had on NXT with that epic sports jacket. But the content and stuff will be identical to Miz's push. He'd be involved in a match, be the face partner of a really over face, screw him (likely Santino), turn heel and leave so the crowd notice.

    He then beats Santino after weekly matches/promos. Beats him clean, he'll be booked as the guy who thinks he's too good to get zero time weekly. Beats him on the rematch, then continues his run. Wins MITB (mentions of his former mentor can be arranged here). Cashes it in on CM Punk in Chicago, oh hell yeah.

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